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Trica product will improve blood circulation, improves sexual function in men and women.

TricaJus  is a health food drink made from selected MACA (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) extract which is treasure in Peru, South America together with Tribulus Terresteris..

Ingredients of Tricajus
5 main ingredients on Tricajus
1. Lepidium peruvianum Chacon (MACA)
2. Tribulus Terresteris
3. Fruit fibre
4. Citric acid
5. Sodium bicarbonate

Nutritional value of MACA
- Carbohydrate 59%
- Minerals, Vitamins Others 16%
- Proteins 14%
- Fiber 9%
- Lipids 2%

This high quality maca will improve blood circulation, improves sexual function in men and women, Enhances fertility in human, enhances heart function, and strengthens the body system, thus making it an ideal natural health drink.  We had a lot of testimonies from Consumers / customers which feed back from them that our product apart from improving their sexual function, had also improved their health conditions such as numbness in legs, back aches, diabetes and many more.

To keep abreast of competition in the regional and global markets, our manufacturer has in year 2000 successfully adopted and been accredited the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System; an additional recognition alongside its Halal Certification. This has served to continually maintain stringent quality control on its manufacturing process, to make products that are on par with international standards.   We also had Lab Test analysis report from Malaysia as well as from Singapore. We had an Insurance product liability of RM 1 millions from a well reputable insurance Company from Malaysia.

We are looking for Country Stockist / sole distributor Worldwide except Indonesia & Thailand. We shall assist in the marketing support in their respective country. Its a new product waiting to be tap in your country. Email us to know more.