V-Guard Solar Water Heater

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V-Guard Solar Water Heater

V-Guard Solar Water Heaters! a truly International quality product manufactured useing highly efficient Evacuated Tube Collector system enabling optimal utilization of solar energy. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss.V-Guard Solar Water Heaters dramatically cut electricity bills, help conserve energy and are environment friendly. (LPD-Litre per day).They are available in 100 Lpd,125 Lpd,200 Lpd,300 Lpd,500 Lpd and 1000 Lpd for domestic use, and are easy to install and last a lifetime.V-Guard solar water heaters are also manufactured for industrial applications that is for pool heating Large hotels, factories, pools, hospitals and etc. Available in 2000 LPD, 3000 LPD, 4000 LPD, 5000 LPD, and also according to the customer requirements.

Solar Water Heater SavingsSl. No.CapacityElectricityPer Year In UnitsPer Year In Rs.
1100 LPD24287212
2200 LPD485615912
Solar Water Heater :How they work

There are basically two types of solar water heater, Flat-plate collector & Evacuated-tube solar collectors.(We sell both models)

  • Flat-Plate Collector

Glazed flat-plate collectors are insulated, weatherproofed boxes that contain a dark absorber plate under one or more glass or plastic (polymer) covers. Unglazed flat-plate collectorstypically used for solar pool heatinghave a dark absorber plate, made of metal or polymer, without a cover or enclosure.

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated tube collectors are made of a series of modular tubes, mounted in parallel, whose number can be added to or reduced as hot water delivery needs change. This type of collector consists of rows of parallel transparent glass tubes, each of which contains an absorber tube (in place of the absorber plate to which metal tubes are attached in a flat-plate collector). The tubes are covered with a special light-modulating coating. In an evacuated tube collector, sunlight passing through an outer glass tube heats the absorber tube contained within it. The absorber can either consist of copper (glass-metal) or specially-coated glass tubing (glass-glass). The glass-metal evacuated tubes are typically sealed at the manifold end, and the absorber is actually sealed in the vacuum, thus the fact that the absorber and heat pipe are dissimilar metals creates no corrosion problems