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Vitamin B2 used for slimming.


B2 riboflavin is an essential co-enzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Riboflavin is necessary for maintaining a healthy immune system and also beneficial to the nails, hair, skin, and connective tissues.

Riboflavin is needed to process amino acids and fats. It also activates Vitamin B6 and folio acid, and helps convert carbohydrates into ATP. It also acts as an antioxidant.

Riboflavin vitamin B2 is essential for eye health and has been helpful in treating eye fatigue and cataracts. Vitamin B2 has also been used in the treatment of anemia, acne rosacea, stress, depression and mental disorders, arteriosclerosis, hair loss, hypoglycemia and obesity.

Weight Loss Benefits of Riboflavin

Vitamins B2, B3 and B6 are needed for normal thyroid operation. A deficiency in any of these B Vitamins will affect thyroid function and metabolism, leading to possible overweight and obesity problems Vitamin B2 riboflavin is necessary for vitamin B6 pyridoxine to function, supports the adrenal glands, assists red blood cell formation, antibody production, vitamin B3 niacin formation, cell growth and respiration. Because riboflavin improves mitochondrial energy efficiency, it promote better fat metabolism and decreases fat storage.

Other Benefits of Vitamin B2


Regulates energy levels. Promotes repair and proper growth of tissue Promotes growth and reproductive function Good for skin, nails and eyes. Wards off sore mouth, lips and tongue Alleviates eye-fatigue, promotes good vision. Protects against anemia Protects against cancer.

A nutritional deficiency of Vitamin B2 in your diet may have the following symptoms:

- Cracked skin - Scaly skin on face
- Sore mouth

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