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1000000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Apple iPhones
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White, Colorful
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
sublimation phone case
3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Gloss)
3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Matte)
3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Gloss Luminous)
3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Matte Luminous)
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by youself DIY
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Name3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Gloss)3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Matte)3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Gloss Luminous)3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (Matte Luminous)

Full Area Sublimation Printable

Most sublimation Phone covers are only back face printable. However our new sublimation Phone cover is full area printable including the back face and the side area. You can apply any creative images by using regular sublimation printing methods.


Wear resistant

The polymer Phone cover has strong wear resistant ability since printed images are directly sublimated to the polymer materials without needing a sublimation coating.


Compatible with Phone 4 & iPhone 4s

The polymer Phone case is compatible with Phone 4 and Phone 4s.


Luminous feature

Because of the special coating, the graphics are printed on the front surface are visible even in dark environment. This great feature offers you more opportunities to show your creative or commercial graphic designs.



3D Polymer Phone 4/4s Case (DS-IP01)

Our polymer Phone case is new sublimation product. It is fully customisable on its back face and the side area, any of your creative images can be printed and stay for a longer time than ordinary Phone cover.



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3D sublimation phone case market prospects
Mobile phone shell popularity spawned 3D sublimation industry
With the development of technology, mobile phones become necessities . With the popularity of smart phones , light, thin, large-screen , high-end design to become mainstream , in order to protect your phone , the birth of 3D Sublimation Mobile Shell . Anti-scratch , anti-slip , waterproof, drop ...... and many other features make the use of mobile phones caike increasing frequency . Put another color covers , for species mood ! Today, mobile phones caike in features, have been given more decorative ! Especially love beauty influx of young people, one-time purchase of a cell phone for the use of several color covers , like to wear different clothes every day . Like spawned a fiery car auto beauty market , the popularity of mobile phones also spawned another fortune shrine - 3D Sublimation shell phone industry !

The lack of homogeneity of product innovation
Businessman never been a lack sense of smell , in the face of rising mobile phone ownership , mobile phone shell manufacturers have sprung up , allowing mobile phone accessories market became more varied . Although small cell phone shell, sales can be really unusual . See Taobao and other large online store, phone color covers numerous businesses . Any new cell phones can find models matching shell phone . In particular, the development around the i-phone Mobile Shell product is more favored by the fruit powder . We are crowding the market , want a slice. But the consequences of the influx , follow the trend , the cottage , the lack of product innovation, the homogenization of products flooding the market . Some shrewd businessmen choose to develop high-end market , and some even more than the price of mobile phone shell mobile phone . But after all, is a high-end niche , buying groups is limited. Innovation is not expensive is king, America shell clothing ethnic beauty workshop will lead the mobile phone shell huge market !

3D sublimation phone case shell spike personalized custom party
Refused to be stereotyped, rejected repeated conservative , refusing immutable , especially denial Zhuangshan ! This is the moment of young people. Like epistemic , like change , like to be different . Phone style is limited, but the phone 's coat can be infinitely changing . Mass will inevitably be repeated , only products tailored for individuals is the most unique. Due to technical and cost factors, cell phone shell customization needs have been unable to be met. " America shell clothing ethnic " DIY personalized mobile America Workshop, overcome technical barriers, for different people , different needs , developed on the kinds of patterns. Love life series, hand-painted graffiti series , campus feelings series, textured gold and silver series , 3D relief campaign , colorful diamond series ...... more may choose , like how to change how they change . Exclusive introduction of Korean technology and equipment, three minutes , give your phone a new fashion put on !


3D sublimation phone case Project Benefits
3D sublimation phone case can customize with photos , 3 minutes witness the miracle
According to statistics , mobile phone penetration rate has exceeded 80 percent in the county and central cities have a higher rate , reaching 80 to 90%, but also an annual rate of 60 million annually. Mobile phone shell is essential, you need to have a mobile phone phone shell , the business is no need to worry .
3D Sublimation Mobile Shell creative industries , timeless
Mobile Shell 3D Sublimation custom personalized to meet the contemporary young consumer groups feature innovative ideas , product innovation , creativity , always stand on the market front , tailored to avoid the traditional business of the price points, not be left behind Qian Jing unlimited .
3D Sublimation Mobile Shell small Manley , without inventory
And traditional industry needs a lot of inventory compared to the " America shell clothing ethnic " almost no pressure on the stock , simply purchase raw materials and semi-finished materials and inexpensive, does not occupy space , live on-demand , high profit margins .

3D sublimation phone case , simple operation, easy entry
" America shell clothing ethnic " Device integration, software operation simplicity , low cultural requirements of the operator , simple training to get started, one person can operate . Manpower and low cost.
3D Sublimation Phone Case Fashion diverse, broad audience
Fashionable and diverse, to meet the diverse needs. A system can produce all shell, hard shell , soft shell can be produced , but also produce gold, silver, diamonds, wood and so on.
Mobile Shell 3D Sublimation advanced equipment , easy profit
Equipment compact and flexible, super-fast , very suitable for small quantities of personalized case , even if only one can also easily get started. Shell made patterns, high wear resistance , a few years do not fade , do not wear . Small investment, quick . Supplies Tesco and easy maintenance.
3D Sublimation Mobile Shell operating flexibility, and how have earned
Open stores operate , but also shop operators to do business in the country . No store can stall operators , completely free from the store , time and space constraints. Flexible mode of operation , regardless of the store , electricity providers , or the flow of business, shop in shop , how can make money.


3D sublimation phone case operation
3D sublimation phone case co- shop operator :
Cooperate with others, store , save the high rents , lower cost , but also with each other to drive sales . Of course, earn more.
3D sublimation phone case attractions business:
In large tourist attractions set point operation , high traffic area , people love to travel out to buy souvenirs to customers free pictures, the photos do mobile shell , both as a souvenir attractions , scenic spots can also be used as souvenirs for sale .

3D sublimation phone case large supermarkets :
In large shopping malls , supermarkets set point , personalized fashion service easily attract customers, and the formation of driving effect . Together shoppers , it is easy while spending. Especially large festivals, weekend sales even more.
3D sublimation phone case large community :
Large community residents and more, put some stylish pop, exhibition stands, passersby will generally be attracted . Community consumption stable , repeat customers , is a good place of business .
3D sublimation phone case around the school :
Student acceptance of new things is the highest in the schools around the set point , as long as the price is right , the business will surprisingly good. Students seize consumer group , to seize the mainstream young consumers .
3D sublimation phone case customized gifts :
Make full use of a network for enterprises and institutions for customized business gifts , do single group . Maybe a single can make a small fortune .
3D sublimation phone case events live production :
Large-scale events , the site often large flow of people . According to the theme introduced special services associated with the activity pattern produced souvenirs or gifts, sales should not be underestimated .
3D sublimation phone case wholesale business :
For some of the individual operators , mobile point of sale, mobile phone accessories stores, advertisers, photography shop , celebration planning companies, the wholesale business . Good reputation, is a long-term income .


3D sublimation heat press machine
A new generation of thermal transfer technology , a multi-purpose machine , can replace baking cup machine, heat press machine, baking machine , crystal machine and other imaging equipment , can achieve a variety of cup roasted unrestricted pan roast can be achieved more kind of diverse.
Vacuum transfer machine can produce images cup, color changing mug , glass , couple cups , the color cup , lithographs , glass painting , crystal painting thermal transfer , lighters , metal, cloth, and so on.


Thermal transfer printing is an emerging technology, imported from abroad, but 10 years time. The process printing and transfer printing transfer film is divided into two parts processing, transfer film printing using network printing (resolution of 300dpi), the pattern is pre-printed on the film surface, rich layers of printed pattern, colorful, kaleidoscopic , small color reproducibility is good, can meet the design requirements of the pattern's effect, and suitable for mass production; transfer processing by a processing machine transfer (heat and pressure) the transfer film fine pattern transfer of the product surface after forming the ink layer and the product surface melting into one, pretty realistic, greatly improve product quality. However, due to the high content of technology, many materials are required to import.


With the technological level of the rapid development of science and technology in the industry as a new industry beauty freshmen out. Fashion IT brands with the market diversification. For mobile phone brands and features increases diversified, by phone protective shell texture of leather, rubber, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, plush, silk and other goods made do. Phone protective shell not only as an ornament for your mobile phone into a landscape, the more protection cell phone, drop, waterproof and shockproof!

Phone protective shell can be divided into : silicone , leather , crystal shell, water shell, shell , green PC shell metal, plastic and carbon fiber.

Silicone shell
Silicone shell is the most well-known mobile phone protective shell type. It is soft, feel a little slippery, the market has been popular for many years . Spread the goods from the developed to the shoddy workmanship of the brand personality , always maintain the leading market share . Because of its excellent value for money , silicone shell in the later MP3, iPod , when hot , but also popular, by many people of all ages. Silicone shell is divided into two types, one is an organic silicone , other inorganic silica . Silicone Case phone on the market basically belong to the former . Silicone has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance , good anti- Hou Xing ( afraid of ultraviolet light or ozone decomposition ) , good insulation , material stability ( does not change with the animals ) . In addition , people choose silicone shell , but also because it is a good feeling : Some keyboard blunt phone , put silicone shell will be improved. And can absorb some of the impact of the bump on the phone , thereby reducing damage to the phone . In addition, the silicone shell waterproof performance is better, which has become its biggest selling point. Although many of the advantages of silicone shell , and the price is cheap. However, there is still inadequate, because poor ventilation , long-term wear will cause the phone body heat accumulation . Especially the part of a very high calorific smartphone even do not recommend users to use . Moreover , silicone shell itself has a slightly sticky , after a period of time will absorb a large amount of dust gathered on the phone , over time, but not conducive to the phone in appearance, and protect your phone intentions. In addition to the above considerations , the phone also buy silicone shell is worth noting twelve .


3D Phone Case
3D Phone Case relative to the modern market in the sale of housing compared to the quality and quality, both have further overflights. Relative to the plane of the market sell mobile phone shell, 3D Phone Case has a new 3D picture quality feel, modern young people can revel in the pursuit of beauty for individuality and overall create a kind of perfection in contrast imaging, technology and fashion the perfect experience exchange . And in terms of quality, such as silica gel shell neither general use over time, generating sets of the body and the body is inevitable, "gluey" effect, and even sometimes have to let phone "flying bird cage" through a gas can not be; while the crystal texture of the shell due brittle, easy to collapse, may result in frequent replacement.


Features Benefits
Phone protective shell features: non-slip, shockproof, scratch, drop, wear distinctive, cool, and enhance life, can show a person's personality.

Phone Case disadvantages:
NUTS if he can not perfectly fit the phone itself can also cause wear and tear on the phone.
Metal phone shell mobile phone signal would cause some intervention.
tpu Phone Case material easy to change color



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