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In late seventies there was revolutionary change in process of withering

In late seventies there was revolutionary change in process of withering. Natural withering was replaced by forced Air device. Such device consisted of one axial flow fan, ducting with air controlling damper and a long tunnel covered with wire mesh. In total the piece was called a Withering Trough.DESIGN:The axial flow fans 36" to 56" diameter are popularly in use. According to its air delivery measured in cfm. the length of the tunnel (trough) is made, which is generally 60 to 100'. The fan is enscribed commonly in a steel-casing and the ducting is fabricated of steel plates but the material used for making trough is either bricks & cement or timber & ply wood, in different tea growing areas.Here, the materials used are mild steel angles & galvanised iron sheets. The whole trough is prefabricated in the workshop and delivered to the site for erection. Each unit can be assembled and made ready to use in a couple of hours.ADVANTAGES: Portable Frames. Quick assembling. Unbreakable. Can be shifted without any loss. Can be placed on mezanine floor. No maintenance is required. Technical Data & Standard Sizes: 48" Fan/7.5 H.P. 6' x 90 RFT. trough 48" Fan/ 5 H.P. 6' x 80 RFT trough 40" Fan/ 5 H.P. 6' x 70 RFT trough 36" Fan/ 3 H.P. 6' x 60 RFT trough N.B: Two fans are used to make 12' wide troughs of specified length. Controlled troughs are also available with fabricated covers. Technical Datas: R.P.M: 960 Floor Area : 6' x 100' Max Height: 3' 9" max. open trough Width: 6'