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Flower Seedlings
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China (Mainland)
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We can supply you Yew seedling.

Quantity: 500 million trees year

Specifications: Height: 15 cm -40 cm, diameter: 0.5 cm -1 cm, and height: 1.2 m -2 m, diameter: 2 cm -6 cm, Packaging: Height: 15 cm -40 cm per 100 bags packed,

Height: 1.2 m -2 m, each of them pack the roots with soil,

Shipment: 5,000 tree -25,000 tree or more shipments each,

Price: Different size and different quantity, price negotiable.

Use: 1.Yew is evergreen and ornamental plants and highway green, red berries in winter results.

          2. yew do herbs for various types of cancer, leukemia and high white blood cells to bone metastasis of  various  types of advanced cancer significantly.

Planted: 2-3 years to harvest, to send plants to extract taxol,

Transplanting: 15 cm -40 cm for farmland or hillside planting, 1.2 m -2 m for highway planting greenery and ornamental plants.

Performance: growth habit shade, yin and yang, hillside, mountain ridge land suitable for cultivation. Farmland can be each Chinese acre 2300 to 2800. 


The characteristics and functions of Taxus Chinensis:

1. keep producing oxygen day and night that helps purifying air.

2. anti-cancer, being against cancer cell multuplication,

3. relieve pains, prevent the burst of hematangionosus,

4. alleviate the damage of toxic air to human body,

5. absorb radiation, sound and radiant heat,

6. implies positive meaning of long live and good fortune,

7. user-friendly, no sunshine and not watering too much,

8. remain green thoughout the year, has high aesthetic enjoyment


if you is interested, Please choosing you needs specification sort,

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to inform me.