Yokohama Car Tires

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US $19-70 / Piece | 1000 Piece/Pieces 1*20GP (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
2000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Tire Design:
Solid Tire
Car Make:
Toyota, Suzuki,
Speed Rating:
1008 pcs
Delivery time:
10-15 working days after receiving your deposit
Payment terms:
30% TT as deposit and 70% balance paid upon B/L copy
in bulk or with plastic belt
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in bulk or with plastic belt
Delivery Time
10-15 working days after receiving your deposit


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Car tyre available Sizes



SUNNY 205/60R13   SN828 86 T
SUNNY 155/65R13   SN828 73 T
SUNNY 165/65R13   SN828 77 T
SUNNY 155/70R13   SN828 75 T
SUNNY 165/70R13   SN828 79 T
SUNNY 175/70R13   SN828 82 T
SUNNY 185/70R13 SN828 86 T
SUNNY 155/80R13   SN828 79 T
SUNNY 165/80R13 SN620 83 T
SUNNY 185/55R14 SN600 80 H
SUNNY 185/60R14 SN880 82 H
SUNNY 195/60R14 SN880 86 H
SUNNY 165/65R14   SN828 83/XL T
SUNNY 175/65R14   SN828 82 T
SUNNY 175/65R14 SN828 82 H
SUNNY 185/65R14   SN600 86 H
SUNNY 165/70R14 SN828 81 T
SUNNY 175/70R14 SN828 84 T
SUNNY 185/70R14   SN828 88 T
SUNNY 195/70R14   SN828 91 T
SUNNY 205/70R14   SN828 98/XL T
SUNNY 175/80R14 SN828 88 T
SUNNY 185/80R14   SN828 91 T
SUNNY 195/45R15 SN3800 78 V
SUNNY 195/50R15 SN3800 82 V
SUNNY 205/50R15 SN3630 86 V
SUNNY 175/55R15 SN600 77 T
SUNNY 185/55R15 SN600 82 V
SUNNY 195/55R15 SN600 85 V
SUNNY 185/60R15 SN600 84 H
SUNNY 195/60R15 SN600 88 V
SUNNY 205/60R15 SN600 91 V
SUNNY 215/60R15 SN880 94 H
SUNNY 225/60R15 SN880 96 V
SUNNY 185/65R15 SN600 88 H
SUNNY 195/65R15 SN600 91 H
SUNNY 205/65R15   SN600 94 V
SUNNY 215/65R15 SN880 100/XL H
SUNNY 205/70R15   SN880 96 T
SUNNY 215/70R15 SN880 98 T
SUNNY 215/75R15 SN880 100 T
SUNNY 235/75R15 B SN3606 105 T
SUNNY 215/40ZR16 SN3800 86/XL W
SUNNY 195/45R16 SN3630 84/XL V
SUNNY 205/45R16 SN3630 87/XL V
SUNNY 205/45ZR16 SN3800 87/XL W
SUNNY 205/45R16 SN3800 87/XL V
SUNNY 205/50R16 SN3800 87 V
SUNNY 205/50ZR16 SN3800 87 W
SUNNY 195/55R16 SN880 87 V
SUNNY 205/55R16 SN3630 91 V
SUNNY 205/55ZR16 SN3800 91 W
SUNNY 215/55ZR16 SN3800 97/XL W
SUNNY 215/55ZR16 SN3630 97/XL W
SUNNY 225/55ZR16 SN3800 95 W
SUNNY 205/60R16 SN880 92 H
SUNNY 215/60R16 SN880 95 H
SUNNY 225/60R16 SN600 98 H
SUNNY 235/60R16 SN3800 100 V
SUNNY 215/65R16 SN880 98 H
SUNNY 215/65R16 SN3606 98 T
SUNNY 235/65R16 SN3606 103 T
SUNNY 215/70R16 SN3606 100 T
SUNNY 225/70R16 B SN3606 103 T
SUNNY 235/70R16 B SN3606 106 T
SUNNY 245/70R16 B SN3606 107 T
SUNNY 255/70R16 B SN3606 111 T
SUNNY 265/70R16 B SN3606 112 T
SUNNY 205/40ZR17 SN3970 84/XL W
SUNNY 205/40ZR17 SN3800 84/XL W
SUNNY 205/40ZR17 SN3630 84/XL W
SUNNY 215/40ZR17 SN3800 87/XL W
SUNNY 215/40ZR17 SN3630 87/XL W
SUNNY 235/40ZR17 SN3630 94/XL W
SUNNY 245/40ZR17 SN3630 91 W
SUNNY 205/45ZR17 SN3630 88/XL W
SUNNY 215/45ZR17 SN3630 91/XL W
SUNNY 215/45ZR17 SN3800 91/XL W
SUNNY 215/45ZR17 SN3970 91/XL W
SUNNY 225/45ZR17 SN3630 94/XL W
SUNNY 225/45ZR17 SN3970 94/XL W
SUNNY 225/45ZR17 SN3800 94/XL W
SUNNY 235/45ZR17 SN3800 97/XL W
SUNNY 235/45ZR17 SN3630 97/XL W
SUNNY 235/45ZR17 SN3970 97/XL W
SUNNY 245/45ZR17 SN3800 95 W
SUNNY 205/50ZR17 SN3800 93/XL W
SUNNY 205/50ZR17 SN3970 93/XL W
SUNNY 215/50ZR17 SN3970 95/XL W
SUNNY 225/50ZR17 SN3630 98/XL W
SUNNY 225/50ZR17 SN3970 98/XL W
SUNNY 235/50ZR17 SN3970 100/XL W
SUNNY 215/55ZR17 SN3970 98/XL W
SUNNY 225/55ZR17 SN3970 101/XL W
SUNNY 235/55ZR17 SN3630 103/XL W
SUNNY 225/65R17 SN3606 102 T
SUNNY 235/65R17 SN3606 104 T
SUNNY 245/65R17 SN3606 107 T
SUNNY 255/65R17 SN3606 110 T
SUNNY 265/65R17 SN3606 112 T
SUNNY 245/70R17 B SN3606 110 T
SUNNY 265/70R17 B SN3606 115 T



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