Yong Heng Drink - Miracle Herbs That Improve or Cure All Ailments

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Place of Origin:
Nonthaburi, Thailand
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Yong Heng
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UPC or EAN: 8854548000013
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Exceptional nutritive value
Nourishment and care
Maintain a harmonious balanced metabolism
Slow aging -Enhance immane system


Yong Heng (The Ancient Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine) is balancing of Yin and Yang that  is a part of everyone’s daily herbal supplements for holistic health care.


Herb Solution Traditional Medicine. 

  •  UPC/EAN  Barcode :  8854548000013
  • Product Name : Herb Solution Traditional Medicine – Yong Heng 
  • Dimension : 7.5-7.5-25 
  • Total Weight : 1500 g. 
  • Net Weight : 730 cc. 
-Exceptional nutritive value
-Nourishment and care
-Maintain a harmonious balanced metabolism
-Slow aging -Enhance immane system
-Reduce risk of diseases Highest safety profile and therapeutic efficacy
-Free from side effects
Chinese Medicine Theory
Human body composes of 5 significants elements that are water,wood,fire,earth and gold(metal).
All of these elements depend on each others and function in parallel as main mechanism performing systematic operation of internal organs.Understanding the great relationships
between them will help us sustain the healthy and improve better internal-body system. In Chinese Medicine theory,the approach of gaining the healthy and good internal system is known As”maintenance of the balance of Yin-Yang”The internal system will work well if the 5 elements stay balancingproperly.In contrast if the imbalance once occurs, the internal systems and also internal organs will disorderly work in the wrong way which eventually turns to be”illness” or “sickness”. The causes of the imbalance state can be found easily especially in the modern lifestyle such as the pollution toxic,bad nutrition and stress.Therefore being careful and watchful in protecting from those bad things certainly helps remains the well balance.
And one of the ways to maintain the well balance effectively is Yong Heng .With the uique peculiarity of more than 30 Chinese herbal medicines the vital internal organs stichas lungs,heart and liver with be kept up in balance or recovered to work better.Being in readiness to prevent the diseases with Yong Heng by stabilizing the balance of 5 elements and internal organs,hence,is the best way to decrease the possibility of illness and sickness. In Brief Yong Heng Herb Solution is Traditional Medicine created in an ancient time by a Chinese physician.After a long period of trial and error finally invented the best herb solution which later was proves by himself that it could help him live longer with healthy for almost 130 years.The medicine formula was passed on from generation to generation as valued legacy.When the present generation
receives the medicine formula,he wished to see other people have good health
and long life as his ancestor did .Thus, he had established Jaroen Osot Company limited with the aim to manufacture and distribute the herb solution officially and to develop the medicine formula to the utmost quality.
Today Yongheng Herb Solution is manufactured with hygiene process and high
standard procedure.And with the acceptance of the Ministry of Public Health.
Yong Heng was formally registered with medicine registration number of G 244/43.
Herb Solution
Yong Heng Herb Solution contains of a number of substance extracted from various kinds of Chinese herbs,that helps heal and strengthen health and body including internal-body system. There are more than 30 herb plants used in the worthwhile solution,each of  which has distinctive characteristic and peculiarity namely…