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ZINCALUME is an alloy coated steel consist of 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc processed with high technology


Product Definition

ZINCALUME®is an alloy coated steel consist of 55% Aluminum and 45%Zinc processed withhigh technology. With high accuracy and support byhigh technology, ZINCALUME®provides shield against corrosion.

Producedthrough continuous hot dip process with certaintemperature, it has thecombination of main characteristics of steel,Zinc and aluminum, such as goodprotection against corrosion, and hightemperature endurance from Aluminum, andzinc shield in its foldedparts and scratch area with its catodic action.

Product Advantages :

  1.  Strong (made of steel)
  2.  Anti â finger marking (Resin), which wonât mark the area that you have touched.
  3.  Gives protection against corrosion (from Aluminumâs characteristics)
  4.  Have high temperature endurance (from Aluminumâs characteristics)
  5.  Can be used to fit various needs (flexible)

Product Applications :

  • Furring Channel
  • Channel C
  • Wall Angle
  • Metal stud
  • Metal Runner
  • Main tee
  • Cross tee
  • L spacer
  • T spline
  • AC Ducting
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Oven Panels
  • Refrigerator Panel
  • Dispenser
  • And More...

Available Forms :
Sheet (Plate), and Rolls