air source water heater

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Air Source Heat Pump
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Stainless Steel
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trueskill energen


The operational cost of system is 1/3 rd of the diesel heaters and 1/4th of the electric geysers.


Air Source Water Heater

Water heating has been traditionally done by energy intensive & costly processes of electric geysers, burning diesel or coal or highly inefficient process of burning firewood. We present a new more efficient process of using ambient heat (i.e. heat in the air). This heat pump works on the traditional Carnot cycle. The application of this heater is across domestic and commercial segments ranging from homes & villas to hotels & swimming pools.

  1. Trueskill Energen presents the fourth generation water heater which has operating cost of 1/4 th of electric geysers and 1/3 rd of gas or diesel. Even the operating cost of electric boosted solar is greater than that of Air Source Water Heater. In the case of solar ,if hot water is used in evening than you will not get hot water early in the morning.
  2. With a payback of less than a year, this is a revolutionary choice in water heating.
  3. Very few moving parts so low or no maintenance
  4. This is a solution which ensures 24 x 7 x 365 days availability of hot water irrespective of climatic conditions. Air Source Water Heater can provide hot water even in winter.
  5. High efficiency of 400%+ ensures high energy saving
  6. Cold air at 20°C is a by-product which can be ducted to reduce Air Conditioning bills
  7. Occupying a fraction of space compared to solar heater and placement choice of virtually anywhere saving valuable area. Hence roof top can be used for other profitable business opportunity.
  8. A life-span of 15 years
  9. Safe to operate since there is no heating element or burning fuel