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10kg Dry

AKMAYA is founded in 1994. Being one of the biggest yeast factories in the world which has 50.028m2 base area consisting of 13.769m2 closed, 36.259m2 open areas , AKMAYA produces fresh and dry bread yeast and bread improvers.

In the plant operating on the basis of total quality principal, a full automation has been achieved in the fermentation, seperation and filtration processes and in packaging units as well. All Akmaya products & services are certified with TUV and TSE DIN / TS - EN - ISO 9001 Quality Assurance. Our production continues in full capacity under supervision of an experienced staff and with the support of quality control laboratories equipped with computerized systems.

Our range of products presents a variety of bakery yeast including; liquid, fresh, active dry, instant dry yeast & bread improvers. By adopting the principal of employing the most recent technologies and production of quality products on the basis of innovation, since its foundation, AKMAYA has proven to be one of the world's best companies in the field of exports it has achieved. One of the secrets of this success is being open to innovations to offer the product line suitable for every country's market preference and needs. Our products are exported to 108 countries in 5 continents and have proved to be a brand preferred by bakers all over the world.