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We are Manufactures and Exporters of cane sticks, army-Drill-Canes-&-Swagger sticks, officer pace sticks.


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We are Manufactures and Exporters of  cane sticks, army-Drill-Canes-&-Swagger sticks, officer pace sticks, Hand Embroidered Bullion Badges, Emblems, Patches, Wings, Epaulettes, Uniform Regalias, Cap Visors, Family Crests, Flags, Banners, Sashes, lanyards, Trimmings, Braids, Metal Badges, Buttons, Shoulder boards, Ranks & Regimental Badges, Leather Belts and all other Military Navy, Fashion Badges Air Force Accoutrements, Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments, Defense Services & Clubs Hand Embroidered Badges, Blazer Badges, Cap Badges, Navy Cap Badges, Hand Embroidered Wings ,Hand Embroidered Pillows, Sashes, Machine Embroidered Badges, Buttons, Tips, Marble Base, Flag Stands, Ribbons, Fringes, cords, Kilts , Tartan , Metal Badges, Hand Embroidered Wings, Gargets & Cuff Titles, Hand Embroidered Double Sided Flags, Family Crests ,Coat of Arms, Hand Embroidered Pillows, Pennants & Paper Holder, Banner & Ribbons, Masonic Patches Aprons & Ceremonial Waist Belts Sashes, Woven Labels, Machine Embroidered Badges, Printed Flags, Buttons, Tips, Marble Base & Flag Stands, Metal used Laces & Braids, Ribbons, Fringes & Cords, Musical Instruments, Metal Badges, Gold & Silver Plated Brooches & Belt Buckles, Belts Buckles Hand Cuffs, Slide, Shoulders & Epaulettes, Epaulettes, Leather Sporrans, Aiguillettes & Hat Cords, Sword Knots, Whistle Cords, Whistles & Dress Cords, Chin Cords & chevrons Canvas, Nylon & Leather Belts, Sam Browne Belts, Swords, Frogs & Musicians Belts , Officer's Caps, Mini Cap & Peaks, Police, Army , Air Force , Official Base Ball & ,Fashion Caps, Army & Navy Hats, Leather Fashion Caps & Beret Caps, Hackles & Plumes, Pace Stick, Command Sticks, Flag Poles, Tops & Mace, Seat Stick Sword & Knives, Army Uniform & Trousers, Nomex , Rippling, Ties, Scarves & Towels, Shoes ,Accessories etc.

These Items we are already Exporters in UK, USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, AUSTARIA, FRANCE, JAPAN, BELGIUM etc.

Our prices are very low and quality is very high and delivery time also very fast.
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