clear glue for PVC film/polyester (plastic and soft pvc sheet)

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20 Barrel/Barrels (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
150 Ton/Tons per Month
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint, Furniture Paint, Plastic Coating, print
Application Method:
Liquid Coating
Brand Name:
transparent clear liquid
20kg/barrel, metal barrel
shelf time:
1 year
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
metal barrels
Delivery Detail:
in 20 working days


1.safty and non-toxic
2.good fastness
3.low solvent residual
4.resistence to high temperature

  Shuanglin ink is used in most high quality ink printing base materal, the ink serious isgeneral-purpose table India ink, widen the scope for ink, can be used with the use of a serious of special design of adding additives to give or strengthen some characteristics of the ink.





we produce the glue series:

A. transfer to glue, applicable to the gusset plate hot pressing transfer printing

B. the complex film glue, suitable for PVC film and gusset plate cold paste.



1. printing base material

PVC/PVC, PVC/wood fiber(insert film glue), PVC/fiber/PVC, PET/PVC(transfer printing glue)


2. the performance

  1). this glue has outstanding performance, low solvent residual, safety and non-toxic.

2).paste pastness, with high strength to be suit.

3). with resistence to high temperature 160-180 degrees(4s)transfer printing, hot stamping foil can achieve heat sealing requirements.


3. index and packaging

transparent gel,viscosity 45+(-) 5 seconds (#3 cups),

packaging: 25kg/barrel, plastic barrel


4. thinner

 standard thinner: cyclohexanone according to customers' use of glue amout, adjust the viscosity.



this product is designed for PVC paste, we don't advocate for other occasions stickup and complex film, if want to use on other occasions, please determine after the experiment, because if use undeserved, we won't be responsible for the consequences. about the technical problems, please contact our company technical department!



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ink notes for use




A. the company provides differnent hue of printing ink, in addition to other than special color are the basic color.




B. in the basic color, like QingLian, pink, mei red, deep LAN we provide two sets of basic color: one kind is common QingLian, pink, mei red, deep blue, and high temperature under high pressure have penetration, migartion, run color phenomenon in summer especially; Another is resistant to high temperature and penetration, QingLian, pink, mei red, deep blue, and resistance to weather, heat and penetration is very excellent.




C. rational selection of printing ink is quite important, according to your company's specific requirmenta when use, in case of any unnecessary loss.