concrete floor sealing

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concrete harden sealer chemical
high panatration
increasing the hardness above 45.3%
SGS report, hardness test report

Concrete sealer chemical


Characteristics and working principle

MRK concrete seal curing agent is the best magic weapon to cure ground, impervious surface, clean sealing surface. The product uses the modern high-tech nanotechnology, is a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, harmless, new building materials, energy-saving environmental protection, solution polymerization of core technology in one-component reactive silicate and many kinds of active mixture. The products are mainly used in the new pouring concrete ground or old floor renovation, through the full penetration, the effective elements of MRK concrete seal curing agent can quickly chemical react with cement free calcium for half-water state and silicon oxide in concrete, generate colloidal crystals to fill the empty space structure, increase the density of the structure, the concrete surface layer the strong formation as sealing solid rock, greatly improve the strength and wear resistance of the surface of concrete structure, so as to obtain permanent ground dust, anti-fouling, wear resistance, hardness, compressive strength, impermeability, weathering resistance, chemical resistance, gloss, environmental protection, service life is greatly prolonged ground.


Product description

Transparent liquid, painted on the surface of concrete, and reaact with the concrete components to form generate hard crystalline material, reinforced cone surface hardness and strength greatly, prolong the service life of concrete. The products and imported products are mainly raw materials, product quality and product convergence. It is the leading product in the domestic with cost-effective.


Ground for MRK sealed concrete curing agent:


1 new, the old concrete floor


2 emery wear-resisting floor


3 terrazzo



lcan make the concrete whole life longer, quality assurance for 25 years;

lpore concrete surface be carefully sealed, invasion to prevent oil pollution, and can prevent adhesion of tire tracks;

lthe surface dust more easily removed, have prevent moisture penetration, the advantages of anti-alkaline, dustproof, weathering and corrosion, and easy to use, no harm to the environment;

lbecause of the permeability, so it can effectively maintain and develop concrete floor soft and natural;

the construction is simple, the construction ground without wax, only water or occasionally mopping the floor with soap and water, will save a lot of repair and maintenance costs; a choice, permanent use!

MRK Curing agent products characteristics

Hard and wear-resistant

The osmotic sealing treatment waterborne curing agent of the ground after the MRK concrete, Mohs hardness can reach 6-8, the hardness is increased by more than 45.3%; MRK concrete permeability sealing water curing agent to the various components of concrete cured into a hard entity to increase the hardness and density, wear-resisting degree will increase 6-8 times


MRK concrete permeability sealing water curing agent and concrete in the silicate chemical reaction, the formation of a clean, compact as a whole in the concrete surface, permanent control of concrete dust precipitation from surface gaps.

resistance to weather

The MRK sealed concrete curing agent treated ground, will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the concrete. It is no advaerse effects to ultraviolet and water on the treated samples. It can effectively prevent the chloride ion through. Prolong the concrete life, it tests that the treated ground could not be affected by exposure in electromagnetic or mist.

corrosion resistance

It test after one month by the MRK seal curing agent treatment:the resistance to acid and alkalidegree increase. 9 - 12 months later, more resistance to acid and alkali

Maintenance capacity

Test 24 hours, concrete curing process, water retention capacity increased by 93.7%, effectively prevent cracking, permanent maintenance.

Gloss and environmental protection

MRK sealed concrete curing agent of hardening and dustproof effect in a few hours after the clear, sealing process continues for 1 - 12 months after the application of the concrete floor, to be completely sealed will appear gloass as the marble gloss, the more longer, the more better wear, surface gloss, with colorless, odorless, non-toxic, conforms to the VOC standard.


MRK concrete curing agent sealing applications:

Industrial flooring             all kinds of plant, power plant, chemical plant, warehouse, food & Beverage Factory, electronics factory, sewage treatment plant, pharmaceutical factory, cold storage, cotton spinning factory, garment factory, auto assembly plant, hardware machinery factory, plastic factory, paper mill, packing factory, factory etc.
Transportation vehicle repair center, parking lot, port, wharf, logistics center, such as hangars
Commercial land commercial buildings, restaurants and bars, organic food stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, sports and fitness hall, gymnasium, tire shop, pet shop, playground, automobile 4S shop
Public land square, municipal construction, sidewalks, library, museum, rest area, the company lobby
Other uses military, hospitals, schools, research institutions, such as: national material storage, military combat readiness materials storage, railway distribution warehousing all with concrete or cement mortar base sites

Application examples

Need to do the curing of the concrete reasons:

A: ground sand, dust, poor strength, abrasion resistance, scratch, poor appearance ... ... ..

B: after the treatment of epoxy resin and other materials to the ground easily aging, they scratch, repeated repair ... ... ... .

C: affect the plant's image; influence customer visit effect; the positive effects of workers exposed to the impact of product quality;

D: original ground maintenance costs;

E: needs to repair, affect the production.

F: if the ground to concrete construction cycle long, discontinued after the loss, and the cost is high; the most important thing is still not long shelf life!

G: if the original floor construction epoxy resin or paint material will be scratch foaming, shelling and other issues after 3 - 6 months, need to repeat the construction, maintenance costs.

H: terrazzo floor will be dust, what can we do to make terrazzo surface more gloss, and without dust?

MRK concrete curing agent renovation process without shutdown when operation ( workers do not stop working, equipments do not move )

One-time investment, lifelong! Enhance corporate image a full range!


The process for operation:


A,Preliminary ground polished


Heavy grinder coarse grinding (50 #, 150 # wet polishing pads), polished smooth for good concrete base for sealer (hand polisher for the local repair polished), clean the floor thoroughly, suction clean by vacuum cleaner, wait ground to dry


B,Put on seal curing agent


MRK concrete sealer evenly applied to the floor surface, mop back and forth evenly coated


C,Penetration treatment


Spray MRK concrete sealer kept moist for 90 - 120 minutes (depending on the temperature at that time may be),meanwhile, with appropriate hairy brush mopping back and forth to help the permeability of the ground absorption


D,Cleaning the ground after penetration
When the surface becomes slippery thick (about 120 minutes), with water thoroughly rinse the entire floor, and drying the entire floor to remove all stains and more concrete sealer with suction machine or wet vacuum cleaner (must be clean, if not, the surface will be non-uniform overall results - there will be similar bruises)


E,Curing ground handling
Cleaning the ground, keep 24 hours curing time, during prevent wet again for better effect, keep dry naturally


F,Polishing after curing


After 24 hours curing ,rinse with water again with a heavy-duty grinder grinding process, it is best to cross from east to west, then again from south to north grinding to complete the fine grinding(300 #, 500 #, 1000 # wet polishing pads), ---- every time grinding with a suction machine or vacuum cleaner to absorb and clean, and do not reduce the process to prevent effects are not good; (if need high standard for effect, regrinding after 1000 # 2000 # 3000 #, then better)
G,Washing and drying ground
Complete all polish process, rinse with water again and clean water absorption, and let it the ground dry naturally
H,The ground polishing and complete the final process (dry polishing)
Until the ground is completely dry, then polish with MRK special DF dry polishing pads, until achieve the desired effect.
I,Completed floor construction
At least wait for 2 hours for walking, 24 hours for car after construction

With Matt floor polishing, show a change in each stage of the ground



The old ground processing:


Repair the ground with mortar, after completely drying, then grinding and curing agent for construction:


Grinding machine of coarse grinding until concrete floor shows, with hand grinder grinding to the same effect;


Washing clean the mud washed clean after grinding, repairing mortar patching again to surface hole and pit;


After 1 day maintenance, grinding again by grinding machine, with manual angle grinder grinding the edge and corner.


The overall grinding 1-2 times with water to a surface with a smooth state.


Thoroughly clean the ground with a multifunctional brush machine, after basically dry ground, start construction with curing agent; ( construction method with the new floor )




Preparation tools:


Grinding equipment, vacuum cleaners, broom, mop, rubber push plate, water pressure sprayer, roller brush, polishing machine,etc. It can prepare other tools according to the actual station.




Attention matters to construction:


1 Construction operation above 5 degrees celsius. It should avoid the gale climate or high temperature weather above 33 degrees celsius to the outdoor construction. Preservation temperature is not lower than 5 degrees Celsius below zero, so that the liquid freezing.


2 Construction reference dosage:


Concrete ground : 0.20 - 0.25kg/m2;           wear surface for: 0.20kg/m2


The old ground renovation : 0.30 - 0.35kg/m2 terrazzo floor: 0.15 - 0.20kg/m2


3 Do not used for metal, glass, paint surface.


4 Not recommended for epoxy surface.


5 Cannot cover original defect on surface.


6 Pay attention not to touch the mucosa and eyes, in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. If splashed on skin or clothing, kindly rinse with water.


7 T he ground begins to solidify, attention should be paid to slip.


8 Protect glass, aluminum, stone surface before construction, curing agent can reduce the material surface gloss, if inadvertently, should be cleaned with water or wet dishcloth immediately.


9 It causes albinism if the curing agent penetrates into asphalt pavement cracks, should be water cleaning before curing agent solidification.


10this product is a colorless transparent material, if it needs to do the ground color, add a layer of colored wear-resistant aggregate, then use the product.


Part of floor renovation construction comparison Picture


Testing report SGS and Tongji hardness testing report 

MSDS report


ISO9001-2008/ Business Lisence