continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

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200 Set/Sets (Min. Order)
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200 Set/Sets per Year
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Henan, China (Mainland)
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Oil Purifier
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This equipment can make use of waste tyres, plastics, rubbers to refine crude oil, carbon black and steel.

Product name

pyrolysis plant

Brief introduction

High efficiency, energy saving, big handling capacity, convenient installation, environment protection … this equipment can make use of waste tyres, plastics, rubbers to refine crude oil, carbon black and steel wire.

Raw materials can be used

Waste/Used rubber tire

Waste industrial mixed plastics,

Waste oil: E.g.: waste diesel oil, engine oil, and other residue oil

Waste cable skin (should first dechlorination treatment)

Waste crude oil and so on.

waste plastic or rubber sole ,bottle,package etc.

 working process

First, the raw materials are put into the furnace, then seal the feed inlet then the bottom of the reactor will slowly heat the wastes by coal or electricity. When the temperature reaches the degree of 250 to 280, we will get the crude oil, the oil steam will be continuous produced until the temperature reaches 300-400°C; oil steam will flow through light and heavy components separating device; light component will enter the condenser and meanwhile the residues will be discharged automatically in succession. But the liquefied part will be condensed to rubber oil, and the part that cannot be liquefied will be input into heating supply system for burning by way of combustion gas purification system.


1.Environmental protection - The production of the plants is carried out in an environment of no smoking and no smell, the production of the device is environment protective. To refine oil from waste rubber and waste plastics, we turn the rubbish of life into useful oil and carbon black, and help to deal with living organisms, thereby protects the living environment.

2. Safety -  the plant has the auto alarm system, when there are some problems, the alarming system will let us know in time, and then we can avoid the accidents.

3. Various handling capacity - we can make the plant to handle different quantity of raw materials according to customers’ requirement, ranging from 7tons to 20tons per 24 hours continuously. We are now researching into the new technology; the new device may be able to deal with 50 tons of raw materials per 24 hours.

4.Energy and manpower saving - the plant can use coal as well as electricity as the fuel, when the temperature reaches to 150°C, a large amount of gases will be generated, these gases can generate a large quantity of heating energy after being burned fully in the special gas boiler, thus can save energy. There will only need two or three persons to control the whole system, it is very convenient.

Treatment of the residues

There are normally 3 kind of residues-exhausted gas, water liquid, waste solid,

1.exhaust gas - By the means of full combustion in water seal and gas burner, the pollution of exhaust gas shall be eliminated and a large amount of fuel shall be saved. Also dust collector will be used to discharge the smoke and dust, and the discharge of the smoke and dust meets the related standards in 2001.

2. waste liquid - Faintly acid waste water will be produced in the process of treatment of oil products, after neutralization by adding faintly alkaline liquor, the neutral waste water shall be harmless to three- grade filtration and can be discharged into special evaporation processor to vapor.

3. Waste solid - the solid left is carbon black, no solid waste left.