graviola ORGANIC BIO (leaves powder)

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Callao Lima
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Immune & Anti-Fatigue
Albumen Powder
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 Product Name

 Brazilian pawpaw, Soursop, prickly custard apple, Soursapi
 Scientific Name Annona muricata L

Collecting- Selecting and Classifying - Cleaning and Disinfection - Drying - Milling - Sieving - Homogenize - Encapsulated - Packaging.

Central Jungle of Peru.
100% Selected Soursop and organic Leaves
 Packaging Details
Graviola capsules is packaged in bottles of white PVC plastic with a safety cap and contains 100 capsules of 500 mg. This product is also available in bulk as required by kilos or thousands of capsules.
 Minimum Order 200 Kg
 Lead Time It depends of the kind of shipping (by air or maritime)
 Supply Ability 20 tons per month
 Payment Terms Bank Transfer and L/C

Stronger immune system:

Soursop has a lot of excellent properties that are necessary to keep your immune system strong. These properties kill free radicals and ensure your immune system is at optimum health so it can effectively perform its functions such as warding off diseases.


Regular bowel movements:

Graviola is rich in fiber which means that when you consume it regularly, you can expect regular bowel movements. With graviola, you don’t have to worry about constipation and hemorrhoids.


Increased energy:

Soursop has properties that keep your body active and energized so you won’t feel lethargic all day.


Osteoporosis prevention:

Soursop is rich in calcium and phosphorous to help strengthen the bones and prevent bone and joint diseases such as osteoporosis.


Heart disease and nerve disease prevention

Because soursop can aid in proper blood circulation, boost metabolism and prevent damage to your nerves, you will have a better functioning heart and your nervous system will also be less likely to get damaged as you grow older. Although there has not been enough scientific evidence to back up some claims, it’s been widely believed that sour sop leaves can also treat gout by lowering the uric acid in the body. Simply boil 6 – 10 leaves with 2 cups of water and drink one cup twice a day. For those suffering from back pain and rheumatism, you can benefit from the use of graviola extract obtained from its leaves, by drinking it hot once a day. Soursop is also believed to help prevent infection by inhibiting the growth of viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Our Advantages:
  1. We offer a great variety of organic certified products of excellent quality guaranteed, fulfilling with the requirements of the international market.
  2. We offer competitive prices.
  3. Our business philosophy is based on respect for nature and mankind:

    • Nature is an unlimited source of knowledge, but it not very well known or publicized yet.
    • All peoples and cultures of the world have an enormous wealth of knowledge of their surrounding environment, as a result of many generations of learning.
    • Our Western society is fascinated with technology and modern life, but has neglected universal knowledge and timeless nature.
    • Fair trade and equal opportunities for all is only possible by accepting the knowledge and products of all people equally.
  4. We work with BETRADE as our working model, having in consideration 4 important factors in our production (social, phsycological, environmental and commercial).

BEtrade is our working model and is based on our 4 commitments:

  • Social: The social and psychological shaft axis hand develop a specialist area, leaning on his psychological training and experience in the field of natural products and diagnostic evaluates two agencies that interact in this model: the body and the body community company.
  • Pshicologycal: Betrade is a working model for companies that are directly related to the communities following the principles of bio and turn implies a psychological intervention program that benefits both the community and the company.
  • Environmental: From the environmental axis, sustainability is promoted through the promotion and use of management plans, qualifications and training of territorial communities.
  • Commercial: The commercial hub serving search efforts, development and commercialization of natural resources by relying on the principles of bio and commercially empowering communities to strengthen their logistics organization and internal trade.

Biotrade means...

  • Direct work with native communities
  • Principles of Bio-commerce - Psycological Intervention projects
  • Action Axis: Social, enviromental, commercial and Psycological
Company Information:

INKANATURA was founded on December 30, 2005 in San Sebastian (Spain, by a Spanish and Peruvian associate. A second branch was opened on October 17, 2007 in Lima (Peru: with a special focus on the import, export, distribution and final sales of products from the Andes and the Amazon.


We are a young, dynamic and multicultural company with a solid engagement for combining knowledge, experience and energy in order to obtain top quality natural products from the rich biodiversity of the Andes and the Amazon. We aim for sustainability and responsibility from mankind towards nature.


INKANATURA has become one of the vital links between age-old communities of the Peruvian mountains and jungle and the newest technologies. The diffusion of the social reality of communities and their natural environment is one of the commitments we have made, as part of our continuous business development.


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