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Turkish ice cream in China

  —ªNot necessarily, all ice cream is milk made ice cream.

 —ª Definitely not all ice cream hand made ice cream.

—ª 100% sure any ice cream cannot be sold as Efes ice cream shown in the video.

 —ª It is the only ice cream eaten with knife and fork.

 —ª It does not melt quickly, it is hard but it stretches like a chewing-gum and it is an art work with its dense consistency.

—ª In any ice cream there is air so that looks massy, 1 kg milk can get 3 lt ice cream but get un happy customers. In Efes Turkish Ice cream there is zero air. And can not get 1 kg ice cream even with 1 lt milk.

 —ª Any ice cream make you fat, but Efes Turkish ice cream doesn’t. fat rate is not more than 9%.