keyboard.mouse and infrared remote control 3 in 1

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  1. keyboard,Tracking ball mouse,infrared remote control 3 in 1,wireless keyboard and mouse,remote control.
  2. 2.4Ghz wireless technology for transmitter and receiver.
  3. QWERITY mini keyboard.
  4. 51 keys,left and right keys for mouse.
  5. Fn multifunctional key.
  6. Standard infrared remote control.
  7. The remote control has the learning capability to copy the remote functions from the TV and other devices so just one device can control several popular electronic devices. You can also increase the number of the learning control button as you want.
  8. It can be used in IPTV, Google TV, High definition media player, TV set up box etc.
  9. Many functions for one device, can replace the remote control for TV, computer keyboard and mouse.
  10. Products Specification:


 Weight: 180 g.

 Working temperatur:bellow10°C~55°C.

Working voltage:3.0V.

Working current:

Standby current:<0.1mA,When the keyboard and the tracking ball mouse are inactive over 8 minutes, the product will be standby,press any key to go back to work state.Standby time over 2000 hours.

Transmissions power:0dB.

Work scope:within 10M(without and disturbance).

Charge voltage:DC 4.5~5V(By USB).

Charge current:<300mA.

Battery:ReChargeable Li Popymar Battery.

LED indicator:Battery low indicator,Link indicator,Charging indicator,CAPS.



Instruction for using


  1. Insert the USB receiver adapter.
  2. Put on the power switch within 30 seconds,LED2 is on,it will be off after sparkled two,the link is ok.


  If you use this product for the first time,insert the USB receiver adapter, the driver will install automatically.;If the connection is failed for the first time,extract the adapter, put off the power switch,then try again.


  If LED2 sparkling all time,the link is wrong,please repeat 1.2;If the link is always wrong, please according to“7” to match the ID again.


  1. Rolling the track ball to control the movement of the cursor on the screen. It includes the left and right button of the mouse and other keyboard functions.
  2. Fn key:


Fn is multifunctional,you can use it fitting the keys with the same color. Press the two keys together, you will see many different character with the same color as Fn 



5. Standby


  • When the keyboard and the tracking ball mouse are inactive over 6 minutes, the product will be standby. If you want to use it, just need to press any keys to go back to work status.


Please put off the power switch, if you don't use it for long time(over one week)


6. Charging


LED1 red means no battery, please charge in time.


LED3 is on and LED1 is off when charging.LED3 is off when the charging is finished.


  1. Pairing the ID


2.4GHz RF,we have finished pairing the ID before the products leave the factory. You don’t need to pair the ID again except special situation.


Please check the things as follow before match the ID again:


  1. The distance between receiver adapter and the user is less than 10M, or something shielded.
  2. Insert the receiver adapter again, or insert to other USB connector.
  3. If the link is failed again, please repeat again.


How to pair the ID:


(a)   Put on the power switch, LED2 blue light is sparkling.


(b)   Insert the receiver adapter to the computer, the LED2 continue sparkling.


(c)   Press Fn and .com together,LED2 off, the link is ok.


(d)   If LED2 continue sparkling,repeat a.b.c, and try again.


If the link is always failed, it means there is hitch between the USB of computer and the device, please change other computers or send the device to factory to repair.






Use-method for learning remote control




Press down the key “set” A1 for 3 seconds, the red light on, into the learning mode.


Aim the Infrared head at the head of your household remote control, the distance between the two heads must be less than 3CM.Press the learning key of household remote control, the red light on the learning remote control start to sparkling, please release the learning key after the red light sparkles 3 times. Then press the learning key on the learning remote control, the red light sparkles 10 times, then please release when the red light goes back to light all the time. The learning mode is ok. Please note the two heads for the two remote controls must aim at each other, and the distance must be less than 3cm.


If you want to continue learning, please keep the distance and face to face for the two remote controls, repeat the step 2 to learn other key. If you want to finish the learning, please press the ”set” key A1 , the red light will be off and exit the learning mode.


If the keys are inactive over 15 seconds during the learning mode, it take off the learning mode automatically, the red light on the learning remote control will be off.


Many keys can’t be learned because of the code for these keys are too long. For these keys, please press the household remote control and release after the red light sparkles slowly 5-8 time.Then press the learning remote control to learn.


The learning keys for the remote control are as follow, the all keys in the picture are all can be learned