natural seaweed extract

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1 Ton/Tons Seaweed Extract Powder - 1000 MT (Min. Order)
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10 Ton/Tons per Week Seaweed Extract Powder - 1000 MT
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Plant Growth Regulator, natural seaweed extract
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Tamil Nadu, India
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Seaweed Extract Powder20kg Carton Box with Inner Plastic Bags
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1 East coast seaweed technologies, division of srinivasa marine chemicals- leading manufacturer
2 natural seaweed extract

  • East coast seaweed technologies, division of srinivasa marine chemicals is the leading manufacturer and exporter of seaweed extract in india.
  •  Seaweed extract powder is a dried form of seaweed extract which is rich in trace elements and natural growth hormones. It is 100% soluable.

  • Seaweed extract fertilizer have proven to accelerate the health and growth of plants. The research on various crops shown outstanding results as below.

  • Seaweed extract supplies nitrogen, phosphorous, potash as well as trace minerals like zn, mn, mg, fe, etc.
     Seaweed extract contains natural plant growth material like auxins, gibberlins and cytokinins.
     The trace elements present in seaweed extract are in naturally chelated form and are readily available to the plants.
    Seaweed extract promotes the general health of plant including drought and frost resistance.
  •  The fruits and vegetables grown by application of seaweed extract have longer shelf life.
     Seaweed extract promote stronger stem and leaf growth. It accelarates photosythensis and further develop healthy foilage.
  •  Seaweed extract promotes faster germination of seeds and faster growth of plant.
     When applied as basal dose seaweed extract improves soil texture and promotes natural flora and worms. As a basal application, it is excellent suppliment to chemical fertilisers. It adds humus to the soil. It improves soil fertility as nutrients and hormones directly available to the plants in a natural form.
  •  Seaweed extract reduces transplant shock. It show an increase in resistance to some fungi, molds, aphids, mites and scabs which attack plants at various stages.
     Seaweed extract induces flowering, prevents shedding of plants and prevents fall of unripe fruits.
     Seaweed extract enlarges fruit size, increases the yield and improves the quality of the produce.
    Seaweed extract contains many sea life activity matters, algal sugar, iodine and etc at the proper ratio.

  • It can inhibit powder mildew, grew mildew and red spiders effectively especially for glasshouse red spiders, corticium and other diseases.

  • Seaweed extracts are often used in conjunction with other products, both traditional and non- traditional. The use of nontraditional products such as humates and fish emulsions have received tremendous attention in recent years. Although the nutrient content of these products is as varied as the sources from which they are derived, alternative products can be used to furnish primary and secondary nutrients, improve soil cation exchange capacity, increase the presence of plant growth hormones, and stimulate plant defense mechanisms against diseases and insects.