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new componet !! Compatible toner cartridge for toner HP 3906A

FOB Price: US $5 - 100 / Piece Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity: 20 Piece/Pieces compatible toner cartridge
Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month compatible toner cartridge
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Toner Cartridge
Compatible Brand:
Cartridge's Status:
Bulk Packaging:
Brand Name:
Model Number: TP-C3906A Place of Origin:
Guangdong China (Mainland)
18 months
Suitable working temperature:
Sutable working humidity:
Mono/ Black
payment terms:
sales terms:
less than 1%
quality control:
3 times before shipping
page yield:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 1 PC in plastic bag & airbag & color box 10 pcs in export-standard carton 53*33.5*31CM(10PCS)
Delivery Detail: 5 working days for sampe; 15-20 working days for large order


compatible toner cartridge for toner HP
> ISO9000,ISO14000,STMC,CE
>100% on line test
> 15 years experience



what is special in Top-Print




new componet !! Compatible toner cartridge for toner HP 3906A



category Toner Cartridges
OEM toner cartridges No.HP-C3906A
Suitable for PrinterHP-Laser Jet 5L/6L/3100/3100SE/3150/3150SE  
Page Yield (p)2500 pages @5% Coverage
OPC DrumNew OPC 
Warranty1:1 replace defective goods within 18months
Storage environment-20°C-40°C
Color Box Packing Infomation
PackingPlastic bubble , air bag, color or white box
Quantity/ Carton10
Box dimension (cm)32x10x14.5CM
G.W/PC1.00 KG







Compatible series for HP or Canon compatible Toner cartridge

Compatible ModelCHIPSPage yieldSuitable for printers
HP-CB435A/CAN-312CHIP1500HP-Laser Jet P1002/P1003/P1004/P1005/P1006/P1009 Canon LBP 3050/3150/3010/3100/3018/3108
HP-CB436A/CAN-313CHIP2000HP-Laser Jet P1500/P1505/P1522/M1120/M1120N/M1522N/M1522F/M1505N Canon LBP 3250
HP-CB388ACHIP1500HP-Laser Jet P1007/P1008 HP-Laser Jet PRO M1136/M1213NF/M1216NFH
HP-CE278/CAN-128/126CHIP2100HP-Laser Jet P1566/P1606/P1606DN/M1536 Canon image class MF 4400/4410/4420N/4412/4452/4450/4550D/4570DN/D520 Canon LBP 6200/6200D
HP-CE285/CAN-125CHIP1600HP-Laser Jet P1100/P1102/P1102w HP-Laser Jet PRO M1132/M1210/M1212NF/M1214NFH/M1217NFW Canon LBP 6018 Canon LBP 6000/6018/MF3010
HP-435/436/278/285/388 UniversalCHIP2100 
HP-Q2612A/CAN-103 ⅠNone2000HP-Laser Jet 1010/1012/1015/3015/3020/3030/1319/3050/3052/3055 Canon LBP 2900/3000
HP-Q2612X/CAN-103 ⅡNone3000HP-Laser Jet 1010/1012/1015/3015/3020/3030/1319/3050/3052/3055 Canon LBP 2900/3000
HP-Q2612A/FX9/103 UniversalNone2000 
HP-Q2612X/FX9/103 UniversalNone3000 
HP-Q2613ACHIP2500HP-Laser Jet 1300/1300N/1300XI
HP-Q2613XCHIP4000HP-Laser Jet 1300/1300N/1300XI
HP-Q2624ANone2500HP-Laser Jet 1150/1150N
HP-Q2624XNone4000HP-Laser Jet 1150/1150N
HP-Q7115A/CAN-EP25None2500HP-Laser Jet 1000/1200/1220/3300/3310/3320/3330/3380/1000w Canon LBP 1210
HP-Q7115XNone4000HP-Laser Jet 1000/1200/1220/3300/3310/3320/3330/3380/1000w
HP-Q7115/2613/2624A UniversalNone2500 
HP-Q7115/2613/2624X UniversalNone4000 
HP-C4092A/CAN-EP22None2500HP-Laser Jet 1100/3200 Canon LBP 200/250/350/800/810/1110/1120
HP-Q3906A/CAN-EPANone2500HP Laser Jet 5L/6L/5ML/5L/FS/6L/6L/GOLD/6LSE/6LSI/3100/3100SE/3150 Canon LBP 210/220/310/320/440/445/460/465/660/MultiPass L6000
HP-Q5949/7553A UniversalCHIP3000 
HP-Q5949/7553X UniversalCHIP7000 
HP-CE505A/CAN-319 ⅠCHIP2300HP-Laser Jet P2035/P2035N/P2050/P2055/P2055D/P2055DN/P2055X Canon LBP 6300/6650
HP-CE505X/CAN-319 ⅡCHIP6500HP-Laser Jet P2050/P2055/P2055D/P2055DN/P2055X Canon LBP 6300/6650
HP-Q7551ACHIP6500HP-Laser Jet P3005/P3005D/P3005DN/P3005X/P3035XS/M3035/M3027
HP-Q7551XCHIP13000HP-Laser Jet P3005/P3005D/P3005DN/P3005X/P3035XS/M3035/M3027
HP-Q6511A/CAN-110 ⅠCHIP6000HP-Laser Jet 2400/2410/2410N/2420/2420D/2420N/2420DN/2420DTN/2430/2430N/2430TN Canon LBP 3410/3460
HP-Q6511X/CAN-110 ⅡCHIP12000HP-Laser Jet 2400/2410/2410N/2420/2420D/2420N/2420DN/2420DTN/2430/2430N/2430TN Canon LBP 3410/3460
HP-CE255A/CAN-324 ⅠCHIP6000HP-Laser Jet P3010/P3015/P3015D/P3015DN/P3015X Canon LBP 6750/6750DN
HP-CE255X/CAN-324 ⅡCHIP12500HP-Laser Jet P3010/P3015/P3015D/P3015DN/P3015X Canon LBP 6750/6750DN
HP-CC364ACHIP10000HP-Laser Jet P4014/P4014N/P4015/P4015N/P4015TN/P4015TN/P4015X/P4515N/P4515TN/P4515X
HP-CC364XCHIP24000HP-Laser Jet P4015N/P4015TN/P4015X/P4515N/P4515TN/P4515X
HP-Q1338ACHIP12000HP-Laser Jet 4200/4200L/4200LN/4200N/4200TN/4200DTN/4200DTNS/4200DTNSL
HP-Q1339ANone18000HP-Laser Jet 4300/4300N/4300TN/4300DTN/4300DTNS/4300DTNSL
HP-Q5945ANone18000HP-Laser Jet 4345/4345X/4345XM/4345XS/4345MFP
HP-Q5942ACHIP10000HP-Laser Jet 4240/4250/4250N/4350/4350N/4350L
HP-Q5942XCHIP20000HP-Laser Jet 4250/4250N/4350/4350N/4350L
HP-Q1338/1339/5942/5945A/X UniversalCHIP20000 
HP-Q7516A/CAN-309CHIP12000HP-Laser Jet 5200/5200L/5200LX/5200N/5200TN/5200DN/5200DTN Canon LBP 3500/3900/3950/3970
HP-Q7570A/CAN-327CHIP15000HP-Laser Jet M5025.MFP(7840A)/M5035.MFP(7829A)M5035X.MFP(7830A) Canon LBP 8610/8620/8630
HP-C4127ANone6000HP-Laser Jet 4000/4000N/4050/4050N
HP-C4127X/CAN-EP52None10000HP-Laser Jet 4000/4000N/4050/4050N Canon LBP 52X/1760/1760E
HP-C8061ACHIP6000HP-Laser Jet 4100/4100DTN/4100TN/4100MFP/4101MFP
HP-C8061XCHIP10000HP-Laser Jet 4100/4100DTN/4100TN/4100MFP/4101MFP
HP-C4127/8061A UniversalCHIP6000 
HP-C4127/8061X UniversalCHIP10000 
HP-Q2610ACHIP6000HP-Laser Jet 2300/2300D/2300N/2300DN/2300DTN
HP-C4096A/CAN-N/EP32None5000HP-Laser Jet 2100/2100M/2100SE/2100NT/2100DTN Canon LBP 32X/470/P100/1000/1310/PC1060/1080F Canon PC 1210/1230/1250/1270/D620/D660/D680
HP-C4129X/CAN-EPH/EP62None10000HP-Laser Jet 5000/5000N/5000GN/5000DN/5000LE/5100/5100TN Canon LBP 62X/840/850/870/880/910/1610/1810/CLASS2210/2220
HP-C3909A/CAN-EPWNone15000HP-Laser Jet 5SI/5SIMOPIER/8000/8000DN Canon LBP 2460/WX/P550
HP-Q4182X/CAN-EP72None20000HP-Laser Jet 8100/8100DN/8100N/8150DN/8150MFP Canon LBP 1910/3250/3260/4000/72X/950
HP-Q92298ANone6800HP-Laser Jet 4/4+/4M/4M+/5/5N/5M Canon LBP 860/81V/8VI/EX
HP-Q92298X/CAN-EPENone8800HP-Laser Jet 4/4+/4M/4M+/5/5N/5M Canon LBP 860/81V/8VI/EX
HP-C3903A/CAN-VNone3000HP-Laser Jet 5P/6P Canon LBP 430/VX
HP-Q92274A/CAN-EPPNone3300HP-Laser Jet 4L/4P/4ML/4MP/4PJ Canon LBP 430/430W/4L/4U/PX/PXLL
HP-Q8543XCHIP30000HP-Laser Jet 9000/9000DN/9000HNS/9000MFP/9040/9040DN/9040MFP/9040N/9050/9050DN/9000N/9050MFP/9050N






Points for attention:




1 Please do not turn over the OPC freely after the new toner cartridge took out from the box .And to prevent it collide with hard objects.


 2 Keep the toner cartridge away form water, moisture, radiation and long time exposed in the light. 


3 When the laser printer can not operatenormally or the cross white line influence the prints seriously, it owe to the toner cartridge installed improbably. You can remove and reload it. 


4 If there is a little print quality problems ,. Please print a few more pages to solve it. 


5 When laser printer alerts” Change toner Cartridge” orthe prints turn out vertical white unevenly, take out the toner cartridge and shake it for 2 to 3 times. It can make full use of the toner.






 About our service
1. all the toner cartridge have 18 months guarantee since the shipping date.
2. all the toner cartridges are 100% tested before shiping.  


3. if the defetive more than 1%,  the product can be retured to factory or our abroad warehouse for replacement 1:1 ; technically we offer ruturn service for all our defective product if the toner has not been used up. 


4. all the inquiry and claims will be reply in 12 hour since receiving your information.
5. Sample, neutrla packing and customized color boxes for toner cartridge is available
More detailed info for Toner Cartridge, pls do not hesitate to inquiry now!



  new componet !! Compatible toner cartridge for toner HP 3906A

Verified Information

This information was Verified by Bureau Veritas and is valid for the following period: 2013/08/24 --- 2014/08/23
The information below covers both the Gold Supplier and its related companies, which are defined according to china laws and regulations, and which will also be clearly displayed in the full report >>

Production Capacity:

Product Line Name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced(Previous Year)
Toner Cartridge Toner Cartridge: 750,000 Pcs / Month Toner Cartridge: 6,425,300 Pcs

Export Market Distribution:

Market Revenue(Previous Year) Total Revenue (%)
North America USD 1,472,400 5.0
South America USD 4,417,200 15.0
Eastern Europe USD 5,006,160 17.0
Southeast Asia USD 1,472,400 5.0
Africa USD 1,472,400 5.0
Oceania USD 588,960 2.0
Mid East USD 4,417,200 15.0
Western Europe USD 4,711,680 16.0
Central America USD 2,355,840 8.0
Southern Europe USD 2,061,360 7.0
South Asia USD 1,325,160 4.5
Domestic Market USD 147,240 0.5

Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Injecting Powder Machine TDX-06T 28 4.0 Acceptable
Laser Printing Code Machine GUANGBOSHI 1 1.0 Acceptable
Pressing Paper Machine CUSTOM 25 3.0 Acceptable
Plastic Welding Machine CUSTOM 2 4.0 Acceptable
Manual Printing Code Machine CUSTOM 2 4.0 Acceptable

Testing Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber DONGZHIXU 1 2.5 Acceptable
Imitated Transport Tester GT-MZ-100 1 2.5 Acceptable
Electric Drying Oven JC101 1 2.0 Acceptable
Resistance Tester 3005A 1 2.3 Acceptable
Printer HP/Samsung/Brother/ 900 2.0 Acceptable
Hardness Tester LX-AC 1 2.0 Acceptable
Electric Quantity Tester SXD-8 1 2.0 Acceptable
Roughmeter SJ.301 1 2.0 Acceptable
Colorimeter X-RIP 1 1.8 Acceptable

Production Flow:

  • Injecting Powder
    Injecting Powder
  • Assembly 1
    Assembly 1
  • Assembly 2
    Assembly 2
  • Assembly 3
    Assembly 3
  • Assembly 4
    Assembly 4
  • Assembly 5
    Assembly 5
  • Printing Test
    Printing Test
  • Cleaning
  • Packing


Certified Picture Certification Name Certified By Certificate No. Product Name & Model No. Available Date --- Expired Date
ISO9001: 2008 Sira, UKAS 116035 Scope: Design, Manufacture And Sale Of Laser Printing Consumables 2011/09/23 --- 2014/09/19
ISO14001: 2004 Sira, UKAS 116036 Scope: Design, Manufacture And Sale Of Laser Printing Consumables 2011/09/23 --- 2014/09/19
STMC STMC, IITC N/A Toner Printer Cartridge 2010/08/27 --- 2014/08/27
CE EBO CE12-GPE020048 Brother Series Laser Toner Cartridge, BRO TN200, BRO TN250, BRO TN300 2012/02/16 --- 2049/12/31
CE EBO CE11-GPE100042 HP Series Laser Toner Cartridge, HPQ278A, HPQ255A, HPQ255X 2011/10/19 --- 2049/12/31
CE EBO CE12-GPE020049 Samsung Series Laser Toner Cartridge, SAM MLT-D108S, SAM MLT-D109, SAM MLT-D208S 2012/02/16 --- 2049/12/31
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TOP-PRINT is a professional toner cartridge manufactory located in Zhuhai China with an 30000 sq.m area. We're specialized in Compatible Laser printer consumables to Worldwide renowned OEM cutomers more than 80 contries and our production capacity is reach 6 million units yearly. By now, we are growing to be one of the largest factories for toner cartridge in China. Currently We have 30 specific production lines for compatible printer consumable of HP, Canon,Samsung,Brother,Lexmark,Xerox and ... View detail

Basic Information Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist

Product/Service (We Sell): Plastic Shell Of Toner Cartridge,Toner Cartridge  
Brands: TOP-PRINT  
Number of Employees: 501 - 1000 People  

Trade & Market

Main Markets: Domestic Market
South Asia
North America
Southeast Asia
Southern Europe
Central America
South America
Mid East
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$10 Million - US$50 Million  
Export Percentage: 91% - 100%  

Factory Information

Factory Size (Sq.meters): 10,000-30,000 square meters  
Factory Location: Plant 2, No. 7, Pingxi 3rd Road, Nanping Science And Technology Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China  
Number of Production Lines: Above 10  
Number of R&D Staff: 5 - 10 People  
Number of QC Staff: 21 - 30 People  
Management Certification: ISO14001   ISO9001   STMC  
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered   Design Service Offered   Buyer Label Offered  

Supplier Assessment Report

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China (Mainland) | Contact Details
Key Strengths: Assessment Report by Bureau Veritas
Top 3 Markets: Eastern Europe 17.00% , Western Europe 16.00% , South America 15.00%
Experience: Established 2009

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Ms. Diana Ho
Ms. Diana Ho:
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