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2000 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
200000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Huangpu, guangzhou
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Sunstone Roof
Model Number:
Aluminium and zinc alloy steel, Waterproof Material
Red,green, blue,desert tan,forest green
Wood frame structure with low cost
30 years anti color fade, 50years waterproof warranty
standard 0.4mm ( 0.45mm/0.5mm available)
Popular design:
popular design /shingle/ executive/ roman/aspirant
Delivery time:
within 15 days after deposited, subject to our finaly confirmation
1000-2000pcs, subject to different market
TT / L/C.
Factory location:
Zhaoqing, gaoyao city
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
wood&plastic pallet,and waiterproof film packing
Delivery Time
within 15 days upon deposit receive.


Light weight with robust structure, eco friendly,lower installation cost, beautiful apperance, more durable life,weatherproof.

Our Competitive Products

European Standard

Metal Roof System Tile

Sunstone Maintenance Free Metal Roofing Tiles

 1360mm*420mm  Made in China

Colorful Stone Coated Corrugated Steel Roof Tile


              SIZE :1360mm*420mm 2.1pcs cover 1 m2

              WEIGHT :  2.7 KG

              SIZE :1170mm*420mm 2.5pcs cover 1 m2

              WEIGHT: 2.3 KG

Why choose sunstone roof tile ?

Quality is the first thing for our roof, because

we have strict quality control policy during the

production and packing, 7 different QC ensure

the quality for all aspect of the quality refer to

concerns of coating, color, steel, waterproof.  


                           QC1: Size, Cracking
               QC2: Viscosity, Color, Active principle
               QC3: Weight of Resin on the panel
               QC4: Color, Gradation
               QC5: Stone Indensity
               QC6: General Test according to Standard Q/ZCD 1-2012 
               QC7: Packing



Lab Test Result Reference 


           Test Items 

Reference Requirement             

Method Statement 

            Water resistance 

After 240 h test ,there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared

 to the untested samples .

Put in (23±2)°Cdistilled

 water or deionized 

              Heat resistance

After(90±2)°C,240h heat test ,there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared to the untested 


samples .

Put in constant temperature 

drying oven test 


             Impact resistance 

Under the height of 500mm and heavy cone quality for 1000g±1g          

shock ,Metal tile mineral grains no cracking and spalling phenomena 

According to the standard to 

test the method 

             Low temperature resistance 

After (-40±2)°C,24 h test , there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed , compared to the untested 

samples .

Put in refrigerator frozen 


             Alkali resistance


After 48h test,there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared

 to the untested samples .

Put in (23±2)°Csaturated calcium 

hydroxide solution 

             Acid resistance               

           (3%H2SO4 solution)


After 48h test ,there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared to the untested 

samples .

Put in   (23±2)°Cenvironment ,using the 

method of drop test 

          Freeze-thaw resistance 

According to the water soak [(23°C)for 18h,(-20°C) frozen for 3h ,(50°C) hot baking 3h] for a loop. 

After 20 freeze -thaw cycles , there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation on the composite layer .

And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared to the untested samples .

According to the water soak

 [(23°C)for 18h,(-20°C) frozen for 3h ,(50°C) hot baking 3h] for a loop .

             Salt spray corrosion-   resistance 

      (Neutral salt spray test)

After 240 h test , there are no cracks ,bubbles ,peeling and softening precipitation 

on the composite layer .And a slight color and gloss change is allowed ,compared 

to the untested samples .

According to the standard to test 

the method 


  Our factory located in Gayao, Zhaoqing city.with office in Guangzhou

      Our Material&Stock and Ponching machine for Color corrugated steel sheet green roof

                 Our Package and Warehousing for  Color corrugated steel sheet green roof

How are load ?  

Note: our loading qty is based on the reasonable caculation and any more qty will be subject to the final confirmation in consideraion of safe for workers who are loading. 








 Certified stone coated steel roofing tiles

Our different Projects using stone coated steel roofing tiles in consideration of anti cold weather.


Installation Note and Construction Technology 


 More different design in different sizes for our roofing tiles:

We have various types of stone coated metal roofing for you. as following different sizes

1360mm*420mm 2.1pcs cover 1 m2

1335mm*430mm 2.0pcs cover 1m2

1280mm*420mm 2.2pcs cover 1 m2

1705mm*400mm  1.6pcs cover 1 m2



We could send samples for your inspection before your trial order,and we focus on long term of cooperation based on mutual benefit, so your careful consideration on our cooperation will be highly appreciated.



 Your will, our hands! 


Q: Is a stone caoted metal roof hotter in the summer or colder in the winter?  

No, many customers report a reduction in energy costs during summer and winter months. Also, a  sunstone  roof can be installed over an existing roof, providing additional insulation from temperature extremes.