npk 17-17-17 fertilizer

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20000 Ton/Tons per Month
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Compound Fertilizer
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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Compound Complex Fertilisers NPK 20-20-0
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npk 17-17-17 fertilizer

Complete Compound Fertilizer

Formula Flexible Fertilizer

fertilizer as a Complex NPK fertilizers have the advantage of having each nutrient in each tablets. They are more expensive than the equivalent quantity of nutrients achieved by applying the equivalent quantities of straight fertilizers, but the product quality is guaranteed. Sulphur and / or other nutrients can easily be incorporated if required. By using the appropriate complex fertilizer, farmers are applying at least an approximation of each nutrient required. Absolute precision is not necessary in view of soil variability even within the same field.

Complex fertilizers are, therefore, efficient products but trends during the past thirty years in the types of fertilizers used have been determined by their economics, not by considerations of agricultural efficiency or sustainability. General specification of Gramalet Formula Flexible Fertilizer :

1. Primary Nutrients NPK

Each tablet contain NPK such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium ( kalium ).

2. Secondary Nutrients Contain

Calcium, sulphur and magnesium also are required in large quantities by plants.

3. Micronutrients

Although needed in very small amounts (g / ha ) compared with macronutrients (kg / ha ), if there is a deficiency crop yield and quality may be affected in the same way. Micronutrients are often applied incorporated in NPK fertilizers. They may also by applied in solution, directly or sprayed on bulk blends. Where quick action is required, salts of micronutrients dissolved in water are sprayed onto crop foliage. But, Gramalet Formula flexible fertilizer give solutions with mixing micronutrient per each tablet.

4. Slow Release Fertilizers

As a Slow release fertilizers, Gramalet formula flexible fertilizer can be a more efficient source of nutrients than conventional fertilizers but, because of their higher cost, they are not normally applied to field crops. Japan, for example, is one of the few countries where the use slow-release fertilizers is developing on field crops, especially paddy rice. They are used on higher value crops such as vegetables and ornamentals.


N=Nitrogen P=Phosphorus K=PotassiumNPK 15-15-15, NPK 16-16-16, NPK 17-17-17, NPK 18-18-18, NPK 19-19-19, NPK 20-20-20, NPK 28-14-14, NPK 6-12-36, NPK 20-10-10, NPK 16-8-24, NPK 11-22-16, NPK 15-5-30, NPK 14-11-25, NPK 28-8-17,NPK 15-30-15, NPK 10-45-10, NPK 13-40-13, ETC....

It is a fertilizer which stimulates healthy growth in Vegetables, Fruit plants, Trees, Indoor plants and Animal fodder. This is ideally suited in Green House Cultivation

and also where drip irrigation is practiced;It is a formulation for macro nutrients elements , a fertilizer with ratio of N:P2O5:K2O at 1:1:1,;It is a fertilizer

which can be applied by mixing with other fertilizers to meet plants' need for special nutrients elements;It is a fertilizer with unique formula design that will improve fertilizer availability of medium nutrients elements as well as micro nutrients elements;

It is a fertilizer with high purity, free from dust and fully water soluble;

It is a fertilizer that is sage to apply and free from public hazard. It is Free of Chlorine;Crops applicable to: all grain crops, fruit trees, vegetables, turf, lawn flowers and plants as well as other horticulture crops.