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Automatic making plant for producing all kind of flatbread & pocket pitta bread. It is fully automated from divider to packaging

A fully automated line for producing any kind of flatbread and pocket pitta bread. This unit is fully automated from Mixer to packaging.

The essential machines of this automatic making plant are:

Removable bowl mixer, dough feeding dosing hopper, divider rounder, intermidiate proofer, cross sheeter or flattener, final proofer, tunnel oven ( direct or indirect flame baking process), cooling conveyor, flow pack machine or bagger with automatic closing.

This unit can be supplied with cutting device for pita chips, pressing unit with seasme seeder for greek pita.

The production can be from 500 pieces/hour for small automatic lines to 20000 pieces/hour for industrial automatic lines.

The bread diameter is flexible from 5 inch to 10 inch.

The bread thickness can be adjusted from 2mm to 10mm.

The dough weight can be adjusted from 30 to 120 gr.