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Production, trade and office facilities complex in the sentre of industrial and business area of Namangan, Uzbekistan


Production, trade and office facilities complex.

The complex consists of two buildings: office-trading and production fasilities.

The first building has two floors, 840 square meters of production and 220 square meters of office trading area, plus basement. The basement can be used as a grocery store or a stock. 

This part was built in 1974 and reconstructed in 2004.

The second building include 2689 square meters of office trading and production area. 

This part was built in 2006.

The facility located in the centre of two million populations Namangan province.

The province is one of the biggest industrial areas of Uzbekistan where Turkish textile and other production companies work actively. 

Complex has all communication means and sewerage system.  It is located on the central street of the city and 400 meters away from City and Provincial administration. From the other side, the complex is in the Shopping center Chorsu which is the biggest shopping center of the province and ideal for production, trade and other activities. 

If you have interest in the complex we will provide all necessary photos and drawings