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200 ltr


Qualified solar water heating system can cut your annual hot water costs in half

Qualified solar water heating system can cut your annual hot water costs in half, and is generally designed for use with an electric back-up water heater.


Sunshine is free. Imagine using it to heat your water. Qualified solar water heaters can cut your water heating bills in half and reduce your carbon footprint. Install a qualified solar water heater and start wearing your eco-consciousness on your roof.


We are ranging from integrative non-pressure system, integrative pressurized system to split system as well as solar heating project. We use with reliable quality and first-class service to meet the international markets and providing innovative technologies and products.


Split System is the perfect unit regardless of the level of solar radiation you receive. Every household is catered for with its wide variety of tank sizes ranging from 200 L to 500 L. 



  1. Complete hot water solution
  2. Vertical tank increases efficiency
  3. Advanced top element configuration for maximum solar gain
  4. Durable and reliable in all conditions
  5. Tank at ground level is aesthetically more pleasing
  6. Smart controller electronics avoids boiling and over heating
  7. Tank can be located close to main area of hot water needs such as bathrooms – meaning instant hot water

The split solar water heating is an active system, because it uses a pump with a controller to circulate the fluid between the heat pipe series solar collector and the storage tank, tank and solar collector are separate, while the collector is integrated in to the roof of the building, the tank and the pump station can installed anywhere of the building. The piping between the main components is made of brass and a special insulation with high temperature resistance for solar systems.

An Once Heat-exchange System is suit for climates where there is no risk of freezing. Recirculation freeze protection can be provided by the Recirculation feature in the controller. An Open Loop Water Heating System provides many advantages. It is the simplest and typically the least expensive active system to install. There is no heat exchanger, which allows efficient heat transfer directly to the water. The system operates at standard line pressure. It is simple to add capacity to the system if demand changes. The system integrates easily with existing systems.