two components polysulphide sealant

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30 Ton/Tons per Day
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CAS No.:
polysulfide sealant
Other Names:
Polysulfide sealant
two components polysulfide sealant
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Double Components Adhesives
Main Raw Material:
Construction, Transportation
Brand Name:
Model Number:
white and black
Packaging Detail:
Part I: 190L Part II: 20L 60 sets/20' Container
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330kg 33kg 6.5kg package will be according to you!We can supply samples!
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15 days after payment


1.5.5per plastic bucket
2.Reasonable curing rate;
3.High strength;
4.Long shelf life;

CY208 two-component structural silicone sealant
1.CY208 two-component silicone sealant specifically designed for the structural assembly in the high modulus, neutral, high-performance fixed construction sealant, it has excellent resistance to ozone, UV radiation release, resistance to extreme temperatures ( -40 ~ 150 °C) to most building materials have good adhesive properties.
2. For most glass and coated glass has excellent adhesive nodal.
3. Neutral fixed, non-corrosive to most buildings.
4. Fixed after the formation of silicone rubber body, with excellent weather resistance and aging.
5.A component and B component / curing agent supporting batch no restrictions.
6. Conservation period is short and mechanical sizing, is conducive to the construction process.
Basic purposes:
CY208 silicone sealant designed in structural applications:
1, the structure of the glass curtain wall.
2, glass and metal bonding between the materials.
3, and other construction and industrial adhesive seal.
Instructions for use:
1, prior to use adhesive material compatibility testing, to be constructed after the confirmation of qualified products.
2, silicone sealant curing agent stir before use to avoid the first place that may arise during the deposition phenomenon. As curing agent and exposure to moisture in the atmosphere would have reflected, not prolonged exposure to air.
3, CY208 mixture of silicone sealant base and curing agent weight ratio of 12.5:1 (volume ratio 9.5:1) Users can change the total mixing ratio of 10:1 ~ 16:1 (volume ratio 7: 1 ~ 11:1) regulating coagulation time. Within this context, a mixture of sealant, its original character will not change significantly.
4, in high temperature environment, the substrate surface temperature exceeds 40 °C, not construction.
Restrictions on Use:
1, does not apply to all the leaking oil, plasticizers, solvents, or frost, wet surface.
2, the test and all building materials have good adhesion and compatibility.
3, not for long-term flooding or damp places throughout the year.
4, B-component with the air react with water vapor, not long-term exposure to air.
GB16776-2005 standard
Typical technical parameters:
The following data are for reference only, not recommended norm
Item Specification
1 sag sag placed mm  3
The same type of horizontal
2 out of s 10
Application of the Min 20 3
4, dry time, min (temperature 25 °C, relative humidity 50%) 30 ~ 60
5 Shaw temperature 30 ~ 60
6 Tensile properties of tensile bond strength adhesive standard conditions 0.6 mpa
90 °C  0.45
-30 °C0.45 
0.45 after flooding
Water - UV light after 0.45 
5% bond failure area
23 °C, the maximum tensile strength of  100% elongation
TGA 7 thermal aging10
No cracking
Powder free
1, no fixed structure, the structure of plastic and will be fixed during the release of volatile compounds, long-term inhalation of high concentrations of volatile compounds detrimental to health, therefore, should pay attention to maintain good workplace ventilation.
2, the structure is not fixed for too long direct contact with skin glue, if accidentally into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, if necessary, and then ask the doctor to check.
3, the structural adhesive will not be fixed after the release of hazardous substances, nor will the role of skin damage.
4, such as the swallow, adhesive, should immediately seek medical attention.
Color and Packaging:
CY208 A component structural silicone sealant / base mixture of white paste, the use of standard 190L iron drum; B component / curing agent for the easy flow of black liquid, the use of 20L standard iron or plastic drum.
Storage period:
Please store in the temperature cool and dry place below 27 °C, the effective period of 12 months.