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72V40Ah Electric Motorcycle Battery

1. Wireless connection, no spot welding 2. 10C continous, 25C Max discharge rate cells

80V100Ah lithium titanate battery

lithium titanate battery 1.Wireless connection 2.Vibration- Resistant 3.Large capacity 4. Good consistency

120ah battery solar

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12V Lead Acid Battery 12V 120ah (SR120-12)

12V 120ah 1.sealed and maintenance free 2. for UPS 3.own factory 4.OEM acceptable

3.2V 120AH LiFePO4 battery pack

LiFePO4 battery 3.2V120ah 1. Longer cycle life, it extends its cycle life up to 2000 cycles. 2. High temperature performance

Export High quality 12V 120Ah SMFcar battery

*12V maintence free car battery /car/autobattery *Excellent starting perormance *High quality *Long Life and warranty

120ah battery pack

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rechargeable lead acid gel batteries 12v 120ah

rechargeable lead acid gel batteries 12v120ah ISO, CE, UL approved.

Gel battery 12v 120ah for UPS

1. Long life, 75% DOD more than 2000 cycles 2. With UL, CE, IEC certificates 3. can discharge 75% capacity at -20 centi degree

12v 120AH Solar battery AGM/VRLA lead acid battery 12v120ah for Electric starting

12V120AH deep cycle batteries high capacity and long life-heavy duty thick plates good price and good quality