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6" 150 mm Digital vernier caliper

6" 150 mm Digital vernier caliper 1.Made of stainless steel 2.Measure Internal, external and height dimensions 3.LCD display

digital dial caliper

Circular Digital Gem Gauge Product Size: 97 x 58.2 x 17.2mm Measures in: 0-25mm by 0.01mm

digital dial gage,digital caliper, gauge

mini science tech instruments manufature jewelry tool 0.1mm-100mm dial measurement gage dial digital thickness gauge

6", 8", 12" Super large LCD display for Metal-Housing Digital Caliper

Features: 1) Premium metal display housing 2) Super large LCD display for easy reading 3) One 1

4" Plastic Digital Caliper 100mm

We are selling measuring tools. the range of goods about five standard calipers from 0~100mm/4in...

12 digital caliper

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New arrival V622 Free Shipping 6 inch LCD Digital Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper Linear capacitive measuring system Zero setting in any position Electronic Digital Caliper brand new

Factory accuracy 6" digital caliper

Factory accuracy 6" digital caliper 1.Metal digital caliper 2.Capacity: 0-6 inches 3.Accuracy : 0.01mm

New 6" Stainless Steel Digital Caliper with Extra-Large LCD Screen

Calibrates to zero, and can change from mm to inches with the touch of a button

6" LCD Digital Vernier Caliper 150mm @LF-0872

1.Electronic Digital Caliper 2.Made of hardened stainless steel 3.Linear capacitive measuring system 4.100% Brand New


ELECTRONIC DIGITAL VERNIER CALIPER 1. Easy to read digital Large LCD display with inch/metric conversion. 2. Size: 6", 8", 12"

IP 65 Water Proof Electronic Digital Calipers.

1> Direct inch/metric conversion 2> Resolution 0.005"/0.001mm 3>Large easy-to-read LCD display 4> IP65 water proof fuction

6 inch clutch purse

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5118# 150mm 6 inch center distance digital vernier caliper

Hardened stainless steel frame and measuring jaws Glass fixed grib, stable and high accuracy professional manufacturer,OEM

6" 150 mm Digital Vernier Caliper

1. digital vernier caliper 2.Repeatability: 0.01mm 0.0005 in 3.Measuring range: 0-150 mm-- 0-6 inch 4. large LCD display

Wholesale Digital Vernier Caliper

150 mm (6 inch) LCD Digital Vernier Caliper/Micrometer

6" 150 mm Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

1.Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper 2.Made of hardened stainless steel 3.accurately measured 4. large LCD display

(6-Buttons,Type IV)Electronic Digital Caliper

1) Big LCD for easy reading 2) Data presetting function 3) Metric/Inch conversion 4) With step measurement

40 inch digital frame

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Electronic Digital Caliper

New 150mm LCD 6 Inch Digital Caliper Vernier Micrometer

132-320L 0-6" big LCD digital caliper

BigLCD Eletronic Digital Caliper 1)Four-way measure 2)StainIess steel 3)Zero setting/Metric-inch 4)Data Output/Remenber func

6" (150mm)/8"(200mm) Digital vernier caliper

1.With durable and premium metal display housing 2.Large LCD display for easy reading 3.IP54 waterproof 4.Low voltage warn

Hot Sale 6 inch LCD Digital Vernier Caliper

digital vernier calipers 1.high accuracy 2.display:LCD screen 3.material:stainless steel

6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper

6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper It's made of hardened stainless steel. It measures from .001" to 6" or .01mm to 150mm.