12 digital caliper

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vernier caliper with fine adjustment

Vernier Caliper 1.Material; 45# carbon steel 2.Range: 0-150mm 3.Accuracy: 0.02 4.Metric and Inch

Electronic Digital Caliper No-810I-6

We can supply Vernier Calipers,Depth Gauges,Height Gauges,Digital Calipers,Dial Calipers ,Special Calipers of all size

New 6" Stainless Steel Digital Caliper with Extra-Large LCD Screen

Calibrates to zero, and can change from mm to inches with the touch of a button

Factory accuracy 6" digital caliper

Factory accuracy 6" digital caliper 1.Metal digital caliper 2.Capacity: 0-6 inches 3.Accuracy : 0.01mm

6 inch clutch purse

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2.5-3" Digital Electronic Three Point Inside Internal Micrometer Caliper

2.5-3" Digital Electronic Three Point Inside Internal Micrometer Caliper 1.High accuracy 2. Packed with wood box.

6" LCD Digital Vernier Caliper 150mm

100% Brand New. Electronic Digital Caliper Material: Stainless steel

6 Inch IP54 Digital Caliper For Industrial Use

IP54 Digital Caliper 1.Auto and manual shutdown. 2.No disorder in the LCD screen. 3.With precise data output.

Hot Sale 6 inch LCD Digital Vernier Caliper

digital vernier calipers 1.high accuracy 2.display:LCD screen 3.material:stainless steel

40 inch digital frame

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Waterproof Digital Calipers -IP 67 , plastic cover

in/mm:inch/metric conversion ON/ZERO:power switch and zero setting Auto power off

6" 150 mm Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

1.Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper 2.Made of hardened stainless steel 3.accurately measured 4. large LCD display

6 inch 150mm Electronic LCD Digital Vernier Caliper/ Micrometer Guage Tool

6 inch 150mm LCD Digital Vernier Caliper/Micrometer Guage 1. Super precise,durable 2. Pyapal,OEM accept 3. NO MOQ 4.Dropship

6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper

6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper It's made of hardened stainless steel. It measures from .001" to 6" or .01mm to 150mm.

0-150mm high quality plastic digital vernier caliper

1.made of extra strong carbon fiber composites 2.light weight and durable 3.super-large LCD display for easy reading 4.0-150