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YT922 Acid Silicone Glass Sealant

YT922 is one-component acid silicone sealant, use for doors and windows glass, etc.

RT-900 Window Glasses Silicone Sealant

Window glasses Silicone Sealant Weatherproofing sealing of glasses, stone and aluminum plate curtain walls.

antibacterial silicone sealant

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silicon sealant

1. Fast drying 2. Water-proof, UV-resistant 3. Leakage-resistant 4. 12 months guarantee 5. Excellent adhesion

SQ882 insulating glass silicone sealant

SQ882 insulating glass silicone sealant: 1.two-component 2.neutral cured sealant, 3.specially designed for insulating glass

MIFENG 882 Double Component Insulating Glass Silicone Sealant

The product is double-component with high modulus and high strength mainly used for insulating-glass as second sealant.