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High Molecular weight Cationic Polyacrylamide(PAM)

Polyacrylamide 1.Charge degree : 10%-60% 2.High Molecular weight 3.Polyacrylamide flocculant

High quality cationic pam flocculant polyacrylamide paper auxiliary agent

1> High economic Products 2> High efficiency 3> High Viscosity

Mud Chemical PHPA / EOR / Drilling Fluid / Oilfield / Polyacrylamide / APAM / NPAM / CPAM / PAM

cationic PAM Appearance white granule/powder Fineness Degree: 100% pass 20 standard sieve Cationic Degree(%) 5-90

ammonium sulfate solubility

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HEC(Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)Powder Form and For construction

HEC HEC is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose through a series of chem

humic acid liquid form

excellent raw material -danty 100% water soluble safe environmental no residual improve crop yield

(Lubricant) HF-10S Form & Mold Release Fluids

HF-10S is a mold release for non-graphite forging and pressing and a water-soluble mold releasing

potassium carbonate powder form

Potassium Carbonate 99%min 1) Power or granular 2) Purity: 99%min 3) Industrail grade 4) ISO9001 approval

coenzyme q10 fat soluble

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SFD - 180 Horizontal Form Fill Seal water soluble powder Packaging Machine

1) SFD - 180 Horizontal Form Fill Seal water soluble powder Packaging Machine 2) 4-side duplex or twin-linked flat sachet

Made in China PAM / CPAM/ APAM/Polyacrylamide powder form

PAM/Polyacrylamide 1> manufacturer 2> ISO 9001/national patent 3> PAM for water treatment 4> PAM high quality and low price

calcium ammonium nitrate granular form

CAN calcium ammonium nitrate 15.5% Nitrogen 19%Ca full soluble, no residue, ideal for fertigation calcium ammonium nitrate, 14

Sodium silicate Na2SiO3 aqueous solution form or solid form

1-Strict Quality Control by third party 2-Quick Shipment and Short Lead Time 3-Professional Exporting Team 4-OEM/ODM Service


CALCIUM STEARATE NON DUSTING FORM high purity low impurity

Super Potassium Humate 95% Flake Form

1. Super Potassium Humate 2. 100% water soluble 3. 8% 10% 12% K2O 4. Powder,Granular,Flakes 5. Profesional Manufacturer

ceramic soluble vitrified tiles

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Potassium humate Powder form,organic fertilizer for agriculture

Humic acid(dry basis):55%min K2O:8% pH: 8-9 water soluble:90%min Moisture: 15%max

Konjac Plant extract Type and Powder Form/Glucomannan

1.Natural konjac extract, Glucomannan 90% 2. Konjac is helpful to detox, on diet, defaecation, cancer prevention etc..

Gallium Oxide powdered form optical functions of the beta-Ga2O3

Gallium Trioxide 1 Purity: 99.99%, 99.999% 2 Size: 1-3um, or as required 3 Usage: optoelectronic devices, insulating layer

Cherry Flavor powder and liquid form for candy

1. Food grade flavor and verisimilitude fresh and cherry fruit meat aroma; 2.High temperature resistance; 3.ISO,HACCP

Powder Dosage Form and Sports Supplements Type BCAA Muscle Building

1. White crystalline powder 2.Completely soluble in water at room temperature. 3.High quality and cheap price 4.BCAA