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IAA/ Indole Acetic Acid

IAA/Indole acetic acid in Plant Growht regulator: 1. 98%TC 2.Stimulate rooting of herbaceous,woody ornamentals

Agrochemical rooting homone NAA 1-naphthalene acetic acid

1.NAA, 1-naphthaleneacetic acid manufacturer, a-naphthlcetic acid 2.Rooting hormone 3.Timely delivery 4.Life long service

auxin (indole 3 acetic acid)

auxin (indole 3 acetic acid) 1.stimulate rooting of herbaceous 2.woody ornamentals 3.increase fruit

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Wang's Manpu Fluvalinate Strips ( in Chinese)

The medicine is contact toxicity and stomach poisoning to varror mites on bees.

cockroach killing bait powder

1.Low poisonousness for human 2.Great efficiency 3.High quality,competitve price 4.Best service 5.Fast delivery from Dalian.

Insecticides Spinosad/Pleocidin /Spinosyn 90%TC

Insecticides Spinosad/Pleocidin /Spinosyn 90%TC

high quality fumigant methyl bromide 98%+Chloropicrin 2%

methyl bromide 98%+chloropicrin 2% we can get the export license of this goods. we also have professionally shipping agent .

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