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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon 1.Large surface area 2.Strong adsorption capacity 3.Fast filtration

food grade activated carbon powder for refined sugar

food grade activated carbon powder for refined sugar: 1. high adsorption 2. high methylene blue 3. low ash 4. low moisture

activated carbon taiwan

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Gold Recovery Activated Carbon

Coconut shell granular activated carbon manufactured by Steam activation and specially designed for gold recovery

Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon for water treatment / 8*30 mesh granular /direct plant sizes customized

1.widely used &Excellent in water treatment 2.HQ Bituminous Coal raw material 3.Iodine NO. 650-1050mg/g min 4.Direct plant

coconut shell based granular activated carbon

coconut shell based granular activated carbon 1 high quality coconut 2 high mechanical strength 3 fast filtration speed

Activated carbon

We offer superior quality Activated Carbon that is a black, solid (granular, powdered, palletized) material resembling charcoal.

chemical formula bulk granular activated carbon price per ton

High iodine number High mechanical hardness High adsorption rate Competitive price

activated carbon rod

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coal-based granular activated carbon

1.It approved ISO9001:2000,NSF certificate,ASTM. 2.granular activated carbon. 3.Iodine number:800- 1050mg/g min.

The main manufacturer of activated carbon,activated carbon for sale

active carbon 1. lowest wind resistance 2. high adsorption rate of benzene 3. high CTC 4. high iodine

Activated Carbon for Food industry

-Direct manufacturer -Competitive price -Quality and stable product -High Adsorption Capacity: iodine value 1100mg/gMAX

coconut shell activated carbon / chemical formula activated carbon price per ton

coconut shell chemical formula activated carbon price per ton1, quick delivery 2,high quality 3,good service

sugar industry chemicals, wood based powder activated carbon,activated charcoal

wood based powder activated carbon 1.Wood based fine powder, 2.High iodine value low ash 3.Water purification

Granular Activated Carbon

Iodine Value = 500 to 1500 pH = 4 to 7 Moisture content = Less than 5% Ash Content = Less than 5%

active carbon lightweight

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bulk activated carbon

1.activated carbon 2.It approved ISO9001:2000,NSF ,ASTM,CNAS sampl

granular activated carbon

Coal based granular activated carbon Particle size: 8X30 Iodine No.: 800-1200mg/g (ASTM)

Granular Activated Carbon For Water Filtration Wastewater Treatment Water Dechlorination Odor & Liquid Filtration

1) We are ISO9001--2008 approved manufacturer 2) Our factory have been build over 20 years 3) We have stock for urgent delivey

chemical formula activated carbon

activated carbon Certificate: ISO9001, ISO9002, NSF Usage: for water and air purification, etc.

coal based activated carbon for water treatment

coal based Activated Carbon 1.high intensity 2.ISO9001 3.strong adsorption 4.manufacturing

coconut shell activated carbon price in india

1. High professional level 2. Quality is stable and reliable 3. With perfect after-sale service