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Road marking paint and oil ink additive polyethylene wax prices

polyethylene wax prices 1.High purity. 2 Lubricating. 3 Good thermal stability. 4.BV&ISO SGS Approved.

Additives For Lubricant Oil

Additives For Lubricant Oil. 1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time. 4) Quality Assurance.

light activated resin

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factory offer activated carbon ion exchange resin 3.5L fashion alkaline water filter pitcher

alkaline water pitcher 1.weak alkaline (PH:8.5-10.0) 2.low negetive ORP(-100mv~-200mv) 3.good tast

Water activated polyurethane foam injection resin

Ruth IP-11 Injection polyurethane sealing material is a kind of macromolecule chemical injection water-stop material.

NO/NC PC resin outdoor use 3-beams digital active barrier detector

3 beams digital barrier detector 1.PCresin 2.NO/NCoutput 3.anti-demolition infrared detector

uv activated resins

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Aquafilter water filter cartridge with activated coconut shell carbon resin

removes 99% of chlorine, 85% of certain pestecides, solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, fenol, benzen and other organic compounds

Egypt unique active gifts resin 3d fridge magnets

resin 3d fridge magnets 1. with excellent workmanship 2. punctual and faster delivery time, 3. superior quality

LK88C resinol easyclean Impregnation resin

1.locktight equivalent impregnation resin 2.easy cleaning 3.for sealing micro defects of aluminum castings 4. environmental.

water activated resin

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DCPD Hydrocarbon resin in Puyang

Low color and good transparence Good activity and inter miscibility Molecular Softening point light color and mod

TOP QUALITY OEM/ODM!! Bopp Super Clear hot melt rubber resin

hot melt rubber resin 1, Good adhesion 2, Easy to tear 3,Excellent holding power

chlorinated polyethylene resin 135B

1. Good anti-ading property and excellent weatherability. 2. ozone resistance.

manufacture Chemical polymer compounds thermoplastic resin for glass/paint PVB Polyvinyl butyral

Polyvinyl butyral PVB B20H B30H B60B SDW1A 2A 3A thermoplastic resin CAS 63148-65-2 Uses:glass manufacture raw material