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Furniture edge banding hot melt adhesive

1.SGS approved 2.short hardening time 3.EVA impored from famous chemical company 4.warranty:1year

High temperature EVA hot melt adhesive for PVC edge banding 88030

The main component is EVA. Good adhesion and wetting,high softing point, suitable for automatic edge banding machine.

hot melt adhesive for pvc edge banding SW71A

1. hot melt adhesive 2. excellent bonding 3. strong and durable adhesive 4. fast setting time 5. for pvc edge banding

binding adhesive

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Hot Melt Adhesive For PVC Edge Banding

1.ADHESIVE FOR PVC EDGE BANDING 2.Edge Banding HMA 3.Excellent adhesion to PVC, ABS,solid wood, wood veneer lumber

Nellcor oximax disposable spo2 sensor,adhesive,1m/3ft,GE Dash 2500,DS-100A

Nellcor oximax disposable spo2 sensor 1.GE Dash 2500,DS-100A 2.DB9,adhesive,CE&ISO met 3.TPU cable,non-woven fabrics

US PVC Pipe Adhesive

PVC pipe adhesive For PVC pipe, U-PVC pipe, CPVC pipe and pipe fittings Easy to use with cotton ball

Bonding PET Case Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive for Bonding PET Case 1. Aging Resistance 2. Certification: SGS, CTI, meet Rohs directive 3. Good Adhesion