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Footware PU Adhesive

Footware PU Adhesive 1.Classification:Volatile Solvent Adhesives 2.Usage:Footware 3.Other Usage:PVC, PU, TPR, rubber, nylon..

High Performance General Purpose Shoe Repair glue /yanoacrylate adhesive

1. super strong glue for shoe 2. Low price(Factory direct) 3. short delivery time 4. samples available

binding adhesive

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Nellcor oximax disposable spo2 sensor,adhesive,1m/3ft,GE Dash 2500,DS-100A

Nellcor oximax disposable spo2 sensor 1.GE Dash 2500,DS-100A 2.DB9,adhesive,CE&ISO met 3.TPU cable,non-woven fabrics

US PVC Pipe Adhesive

PVC pipe adhesive For PVC pipe, U-PVC pipe, CPVC pipe and pipe fittings Easy to use with cotton ball


Natural Rubber Adhesive 1. Light yellow viscous liquid 2.Easy to dry,strong bonding, long tack. 3.For bonding of PVC, sponge.

Custom PVC 2015 Vinyl Label printing Full Color waterproof Outdoor Strong Adhesive

Customize Vinyl Label printing Outdoor Waterproof. Uv protect CMYK , 2C ,3C ,4C High Quality result