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aluminum melting and holding furnace

aluminum melting and holding furnace with dual Track furnaceDual Track furnace,induction melting or nature melting furnace

MF series,Copper melting furnace for sale

-Medium frequency induction melting furnace -Input power 35kw -Capacity: Iron, steel, stainless steel, copper,gold and silver

scrap aluminium melting holding furnace

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Die Casting Aluminum Melting Furnace /Holding Furnace

(1) applied in aluminum (2) energy-saving (3)high out-put

Cheapest popular aluminum melting holding furnace

aluminum melting holding furnace 1.Medium frequency 2.melting speed fast 3.protect environmental

aluminum melting holding furnace,induction melting furnace for heavy melting scrap

aluminum melting holding furnace 1.electric type melting furnace 2.can melt steel scrap,copper,aluminum,lead,etc

Aluminum Melting Cum Holding Furnace Manufacturers

We are the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters Aluminum Melting Cum Holding Furnace

aluminum melting furnace holding furnace

1.heat storage system 2.newest efficiently burners 3.melting alu ingot and holding. 4.Melting speed--4-7t/h 5.2-60t capacity

Small aluminum melting holding furnace for scrap

Small aluminum melting holding furnace Fuel : gas or electricity Energy saying and low consumption Fast mel

aluminium melting crucible

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Factory price medium frequency induction melting furnace for sale!

induction melting furnace for sale 1 Lower energy consumption than rivals 2 Stronger furnace structure 3 Good quality

Fixed melting and holding furnace

Energy efficient and environmental friendly regenerative furnace, using the technology of regenerative heat transferring.

Portable Medium Frequency Induction Aluminum Melting And Holding Furnace

1.SIEMENS IGBT Module 2.Simple Equipment:generator+furnace; 3.Low Consumption:<300kw 4.Max. temperature can get 2000C

Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace for Sale

Aluminum Melting Furnace Advantages: 1.Capacity:1~50T 2.Fuel:natural gas,electirc,etc 3.Fast melting speed 4.Energy saved

aluminium melting pot

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Al Alloy holding Furnace(industrial furnace)

This holding furnace is designed for holding and melting aluminum alloy. capacity of this furnace range from 5T--80T.

aluminum scrap advanced melting furnace

multi-direction outlet type induction furnace. melting,holding function together brass billet casting line equipped furnace

250kg small smelting furnace

250kg small smelting furnace and small induction melting furnace for sale from Shanghai china . It with kgps ,igbt technology.

Big well type H/T furnace

1.crucible melting furnace, 2.for aluminum, copper, zinc,etc. 3.melting, holding

High quality automatic control biomass pellet aluminum melting furnace for India market

Environmental Simple operation and maintenance , Saving 30~60% of fuel cost compared diesel , gas ,electricity

Aluminum holding Furnace

1. furnace is used for melting aluminium scrapes or slabs 2. (30% of fuel will be saved) 3. with regenerative body