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Polyurethane foam,

Silicone and Acrylic Sealants, Adhesives, Fire and Heat Resistant Products, Polyurethane foam, Roofing and Waterproofing sealant


Single-component elastomeric polyurethane sealant. Thixotropic product suitable to seal vertical and horizontal junctions.

Penosil Premium sealants & Adhesives

High-quality moisture-curing sealant with a low & High elasticity modulus for sealing concrete buildings wood Adhesives

Polyurethane Foam Sealant

FIPFG, 2-component, mixed-cell, IP, UL, FDA, waterproof, UV resistant, high tightness, hypersoft, extremly good compression set

anti aluminum

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Waterproofing mastics, primers and sealants

Waterproofing systems Hyperdesmo - popular waterproofing wear-resistant coatings based on polymer materials

Polyurethane Mastic, Auto Polyurethane Sealant

Mastic & Adehsive for automobile windscreens, bodyworks, High modulus, Incredibly quick, can be painted

Anti Corrosion heat shrinkable tubing

1. black mastic 2. corrosion protectioin for metal parts 3. different length available 4.stock available.

Putty Tape Mastic Tape Butyl Tape for Smoothing Steel Pipe Surface

Putty Tape Mastic Tape Butyl Tape for Smoothing Weld Bead of Steel Pipe Surface, Pipe Repair, Pipe Joint, Pipe Sealing

anti inflatable toy

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Anti tracing sealing mastic tapes

Anti tracing sealing mastic tapes,easy to apply for power cable accessory applications.

Mastic heat shrink tube

Mastic glue heat shrink tube Anti corrosion Raychem :STAM Shrink ratio :3:1

anti tracking mastic waterproof tape

-Excellent Quality&Good Price. -SGS,ISO9001:2008. -Environmental. -OEM.

KC80Cold Applied Tape Coating rubber mastic tape for Steel Pipe Anti corrosion Coating

1.Good corrosion-resistance character 2.High temperature resistance 3.Waterproof, insulation, sealing, double-layer.

masticate vitamin c tablet health care energy tablet private tablet it for 13 years ]2.enhance immunity 3.anti aging , fatigue and colds 4.beautify skin 5.oem welcomed

Anti Tracking Rubber Sealant Tape

Anti Tracking Rubber Sealant Tape waterproof and heat resistant widely use in construction indu

anti mazda

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Mineral oil Defoaming Emulsion for Mastic coating Defoaming agent QS-418

Defoaming Emulsion 1,Main ingredient:Mineral oil 2,active ingredient:>99.8% 3,Function:Defoaming agent

Mastic Tapes BH-T55, BH-T65 & BH-T75

his specification is suitable for applications in power cable termination& joint 15KV, 24KV,36KV.

Anti corrosion Tape Anticorrosion Tape Mastic putty tape for Steel Pipe Anti corrosion Coating

1.Anti corrosion Tape 2.Anticorrosion Tape Mastic putty tape for Steel Pipe 3.Anti corrosion Coating

Kafuter K-0262 Acrylic Mastic Sealant

acrylic mastic sealant liquid 2.thixotropic,high strength 3.seal and lock below M20 thread fasteners 4.50ml/bottle

Caboli anti dust china epoxy mastic paint

1.Good impact resistance; 2.Good Antistatic effect ; 3.Environment friendly;

Ipartner Decorative anti tracking mastic sealant tape

strong adhension,double-stick anti tracking mastic sealant tape