anti aluminum

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PLA black mastic anti corrosion heat shrink tube

1.Dual wall 2.Self-priming black mastic sealant liner 3.Excellent corrosion abrasion resistance 4.RoHS compliant

Waterproofing mastics, primers and sealants

Waterproofing systems Hyperdesmo - popular waterproofing wear-resistant coatings based on polymer materials

Epoxy mastics, coatings, polyurethane coatings, enamels

Epoxy mastics, self priming epoxy coatings, UV resistant PU coatings, Enamel paints, anti corrosive Chlorinated paints etc.

anti mazda

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anti tracking mastic waterproof tape

-Excellent Quality&Good Price. -SGS,ISO9001:2008. -Environmental. -OEM.

Mastic heat shrink tube

Mastic glue heat shrink tube Anti corrosion Raychem :STAM Shrink ratio :3:1

Anti Corrosion heat shrinkable tubing

1. black mastic 2. corrosion protectioin for metal parts 3. different length available 4.stock available.

Putty Tape Mastic Tape Butyl Tape for Smoothing Steel Pipe Surface

Putty Tape Mastic Tape Butyl Tape for Smoothing Weld Bead of Steel Pipe Surface, Pipe Repair, Pipe Joint, Pipe Sealing

Butyl Anti Tracking Rubber Sealanting Tape

Anti Tracking Rubber Sealant Tape Roofing Tape Use: Protecting Waterproof and SGS

Mineral oil Control foam agent 418 for Mastic coating Elastic rough coatings high grade putty

Anti foam agent 1, Main ingredient:Mineral oil 2, active ingredient:>99.8% 3, Function:Defoaming agent