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phpa polyacrylamide for EOR(enhanced oil recovery)

phpa polyacrylamide 1.ISO 9001 2.Supply free sample 3.Prompt shipment 4.Competitive price

Oil Exploration Companies polyacrylamide

1.Manufacturer 2.Free Samples are Available 3.kinds of PAM on stock 4.Certification: ISO9001:2008 5.Experience: 8 years.

polyacrylamide gel for oil absorbent

Polyacrylamide: 1) High efficiency; 2) Easy to dissolve; 3) Competitive price; 4) Through ISO9001:2000.

cationic polyacrylamide pam

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Anti temperature and anti salt polyacrylamide/polyelectrolyte

1.high efficient 2.cost efficient 3.professional manufacturer

best service anti salt polyacrylamide for oilfield tertiary oil recovery

Polyacrylamide: 1) Timely shipment,perfect service 3) Durable and customized packing 3) Manufacturer with 12 years experience