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anion polyacrylamide(flocculant) paper making industry

anion polyacrylamide(flocculant) 1.purity:90% min. 2.white granule. 3.Ionic degree: 5 - 24million. 4.Monomer:0.05.

powder flocculant cation/anion/nonionic polyacrylamide

1.Anionic Polyacrylamide APAM 2.High Molecular Weight 3.11 years experiences 4.BV,ISO certificate


Aionic -Cationic polyelectrolyte

cationic polyacrylamide pam

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best service anti salt polyacrylamide for oilfield tertiary oil recovery

Polyacrylamide: 1) Timely shipment,perfect service 3) Durable and customized packing 3) Manufacturer with 12 years experience

Anti temperature and anti salt polyacrylamide/polymer

1.high efficient; 2.cost efficient; 3.professional manufacturer.

Anti temperature and anti salt polyacrylamide/polyelectrolyte

1.high efficient 2.cost efficient 3.professional manufacturer

Efficient Anti-high-temperature salt-tolerant Polyacrylamide PAM powder for oilfield

1.ISO9001:2008 2.11years manufacture experience 3.Partners:SINOPEC PETROCHINA CNOOC

Anti salt polyacrylamide flocculant

Polyacrylamide: 1) High efficiency; 2) Easy to dissolve; 3) Competitive price; 4) Through ISO9001:2000.

export perfect service anionic polyacrylamide

polyacrylamide PAM: 1,best quality & best price 2,supply by factory 3,Polyacrylamide purity 99% 4,prompt delivery