168 kerosene stove

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ANTIOXIDANT 168 Chemical name: Tris -(2,4-di -tert -butyl -phenyl )-phosphite Molecular weight: 646

antioxidant 1010

1.high efficacy,non-poison,non-discolour,non-pollution etc. 2.used in polyethylene, polystyrene, polyester,etc. 3 SGS AND MSDS

antioxidant 168

antioxidant 168 we called DAX 168 whitie powder and granular,best quality 6000mt capacity annual

antioxidant raw material

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Supply Antioxidant 1010

1.Primary antioxidant 2.Can be used for WPC,PVC... 3.Can be mixed with antioxidant 168,calcium stearate,then make granular

Sulphoester Antioxident 168 for PE,PP,ABS

Sulphoester Antioxident 168 for PE,PP,ABS CAS:31570-04-4 crystalline white powder Assay:99.9% ISO9001-2008; SGS