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color of roof red green golden yellow cheap roofing materials

color of roof 1.low water absorption 5% 2.Offer installation guide 3.longevity 50 years 4.high compression

Colorful Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tile with Back Green

1.Antiknock, and low noisy 2.Light Weight 3.economical 4. Size: 1335*420*0.4mm/1170*420*0.4mm

High Grade Stone Color Coated Roofing Metal Tile for House

Metal Roofing Tile light weight, solid fire,storm,hail resistance easy to install 20~90 degree application,only 1/6 weight.

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Cheap asphalt roof shingle/roofing tiles

SGB goethe roof tile1.Size:1000*333*2.6mm2.Material:fiberglass mat, colored granules, bitumen3. Cost saving & easy install