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red roof aluminium long roof tiles

red roof aluminium long roof tiles 1.Outstanding durability 2.Resistant to earthquakes, Typhoons, Excessive

tile red roof shingles

Width:1088mm Thickness:1.8mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm Length:Customized Color:White,blue,brick red,gray and customized

Roof Tiles DC12 (RED)


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Colorful Asphalt Shingles

Colorful Asphalt Shingle convenient 2.wide scope of application architectural style

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles 1.No special accessories, save cost 2.New architectural style. 3.Wide scope of application.

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles convenient 2.wide scope of application architectural style

laminated asphalt roofing tiles

1.Laminated Asphalt Shingles 2.Unrestricted climate. 3.Wide adhebition. 4.Various colors, make your home more beautiful!!

colorful asphalt shingles / asphalt tar / roofing shingle tile

1.Colorful Asphalt Shingles 2.Various types and colors for your choice. 3.Environmental and ecnomic. 4.Easy to install

goethe red asphalt roofing shingles for all kinds of roofs

1.Goethe Asphalt Shingles 2.Irregular and interlaced appearance. 3.Long service life. 4.Various colors and never fade!!!

fish-scale asphalt roofing tiles(china red)

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asphalt roof tile

Stone coated roofing tile manufacturer .Korea quality,China price 50 years quality guarantee CE,SONCAP,ISO certificate

galvanized sheet metal roofing /asphalt roof tile /wood shingle roof

galvanized sheet metal roofing /asphalt roof tile /wood shingle roof Certification:CE,SGS,SONCAP Rich color 30 year warranty

All Type Color Coated Stone Steel Roof Asphalt Roof Tile

All Type Color Coated Stone Steel Roof Asphalt Shingles 1.CE certificated 2.Low cost 3.50 years warranty 4.Easy installation

china cheap asphalt roofing tiles

1.30 years warranty 2.Lightweight,High performance 3.Fire safe,Freeze/thaw resistant 4.120 mph wind warranty

Sierra Gray Gray asphalt roof tile

Structure of ONICEScolorful bitumen shingle is five layers, including ceramic granules,modified bitumen,fibreglassmet ,back sand

Colorful Laminated Asphalt roof tiles For Building Roofing Protection

1.Laminated Roof Tile are lightweight. 2.Glass fiber based bitumen strip slates. 3.Easily installed

asphalt roof tile roof solar mounting bracket

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Lightweight Roof Stone Coated Metal Asphalt Roofing Tile

1.Class A fire resistant 2.Wind resistance up to 260kph 3.Hail resistance 6.35cm 4.Impact resistance ,superior durability

red asphalt roof tile

1. Have 10 years history of roofing product 2. Meet the CE and GB/T20474-2006& ISO9001:2000 3. Thickness: 2.6mm per layer

3-tab/Laminated/Fish-scale/Mosaic/Goethe type Asphalt Roof Tile/Shingle

1.5models and 12 colors ; 2.Thick:2.6mm-5.2mm; 3.3-tab/Laminated/Fish-scale/Mosaic/Goethe type Asphalt Roof Tile/Shingle

galvanized sheet metal roofing /asphalt roof tile /wood shingle roof wholesales factory

Stone Steel Roofing sheet price 1.Diverse design 2.CE Certification 3.Excellent quality,long lasting. 4.Available colors

Laminated Best Colored Asphalt Roof Shingle,Asphalt Roof Tile,

Asphalt Roof Tile 1.Overall Lenght:1335*420mm 2.Material:Galvalume 3.thickness:0.4-0.6mm 4.Certificate:SGS,BV,SON

environmental friendly asphalt roofing tile

1.asphalt roofing tile 2.Water-proof; Never Fade; Pressure 3. Cold resistance; Sound insulation;

colored asphalt roofing tile

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Excellent weatherability, color stability& corrosion resistance, long-life time & easy installation.

Best quality new arrival asphalt roofing tile

asphalt roofing tile Excellent Heat Insulation Brilliant Anti-Corrosion Capacity Strong Mechanical Capacity

Red Iregular Shape Asphalt Roof Tiles

1.CE certificate 2.ASTM test 3.factory-sale 4.long life span irregular shape asphalt roof tiles

Fiberglass colorful style selections asphalt roof tile

bitumen shingle 1 excellent quality, available price 2 any color and shape 3 conform to national standard 4 20 years history

best asphalt roof tile

best asphalt roof tile 1. 12 colors 2. 4 types 3. Best quality, competitive price 4. Free sample

asphalt roofing tile

Roofing tile 1.protect house from moisture 2.prevent heat and dust from outer 3.elegant apperance 4.convenient installation