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Herbicide Ametryn 98%TC,80%WP,40%WP,50%SC,45%SC,80%WG sugarcane control

Herbicide Ametryn 98%tc, 80%WP sugarcane control -it is a selective herbicide for control of broadleaf and grass weeds.

High Quality Agrochemical Herbicide Bispyribac-sodium 95%TC 40%EC 40%SC 40% 80%WP

factory direct supply competitive price and best service fast shipment

Herbicide Bispyribac-sodium 95% TC, 20% WP, 25% WP, 40% WP, 40% SC

1.Product name: bispyribac-sodium 2.good quality with different formulations 3.quick shipment 4.competive price

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Atrazine 80% WP

Atrazine is used to stop pre- and post-emergence broadleaf and grassy weeds. the highest quality Atrazine with best price.

80% wp fungicide

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Good quality Atrazine 80% WP, Herbicide, CAS: 1912-24-9

1. 1,3,5-triazine herbicide. 2. Selective systemic herbicide. 3. Good quality herbicide. 4. CAS: 1912-24-9 5. 80%wp

Biological herbicide atrazine 80% WP

Biological herbicide atrazine 80% WP

herbicide Atrazine 80% WP

1.Composition: atrazine 80% 2.Formulation: WP 3.Packing: customized 4.SGS

High efficient Selective herbicide Atrazine 80% wp

1.Selective herbicide Atrazine 2.97%TC 90%WDG 80%WP 50%SC 3.Applicable for corn, sorghum and other crops 4.Offer Free sample

90% WP 500g/L SC Selective Herbicide Atrazine 80% WP

1. 90% WP 500g/L SC Selective Herbicide Atrazine 80% WP 2.With high quality at competitive price 3.Directly delivery

Herbicide/weedicide Atrazine 80% WP

Herbicide/weedicide Atrazine 80% WP Packing : 25kg/fiber drum, 25kg/bag, 1kg, 500g/aluminium foil bag

agriculture atrazine

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Atrazine 80% WP,50% SC, Agrochemicals, herbicides/weedicides

Agrochemicals/Herbicides/weedicides Various formulation types Selective systemic triazine Herbicide Widely use

Manufacturer main product Atrazine 80% WP

1.20 years experience in herbicide. 2.ISO approved.well sold in overseas markets. 3.Registered in more than 30 countries.

Atrazine 80% WP

*Atrazine 80%WP *Grey-white powder *Enviroment-friendly heibicide *Manufacturer Factory supplier *fast delivery

Atrazine 80% WP

Best Quality, Fast delivery. Customized features. Good price by our factory, large export volume

atrazine 80% wp

1 atrazine 80% wp 2 cas no 1912-24-9 3 our strong product with best quality and competitive price

Maize herbicide Atrazine 97% Tech, 90% WDG, 80% WP, 500g/l SC

1. Top 10 manufacturers in China 2. Mainly control broad leaf weeds in maize field 3. Registration support available

atrazine 90%wdg

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500SC,80% WP, 80% WDG, 500G/L SC Atrazine

1.Atrazine 500SC,80% WP, 80% WDG, 500G/L SC 2.reasonable price and higt quality shipment 4.exporting to global

Herbicide Atrazine 95%TC; 80%, 50% WP; 38%, 500 g/l SC

1, atrazine has competive price 2. quick shipment 3. hot sale herbicide 4. good quality

Atrazine 95%TC; 80%, 50% WP; 38%, 50% SC

1,Atrazine 95%TC; 80%, 50% WP; 38%, 50% SC. 2,Atrazine Herbicide.

Atrazine 80% WP,herbicide,agrochemical manufacturer

Name: Atrazine 80% WP CAS NO:1912-24-9 Common Packing: 200L/drum Advantage Area: East Europe, Middle East, Etc.

hot sale agrichemical herbicide atrazine 80% wp

Pesticide Good quality High cost-effective Pressional registration FAO standard or equivalent

Herbicide manufacturer Atrazine 80% WP

1. 1,3,5-triazine herbicide. 2. Selective systemic herbicide. 3. Herbicide manufacturer. 4. Offer sample. 5. 80%wp