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Foshan China autoatic film processing developer

Foshan Gladent autoatic film processing developer

Delian Barrier Film

All products have CE, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, some FDA Certificate Affordable Pricing,Express Delivery.Flexible Ordering

ndt automatic film processors

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Dark Room Dental X-ray Film Processor automatic x-ray processor

1.simple Dark Room for Dental X-Ray Film processor 2. dental X-Ray film processor 3.CE certified

dental Automatic X-Ray Film Processor

dental X-Ray Film Processor: 1.using microcomputer control 2.small volume, low noise, simple operation 3.ISO 9001 CE

LT2600C Automatic Film Processor

1.LT2600C Automatic Film Processor Controlled 3.AC 50Hz 220V 4.Weight:68Kg 5.ISO.CE

x-ray automatic film processor

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10 L automatic X-ray film processor- for medical using.

suitable for processing X-ray films,CT films and MRI films. wooden case packing weight :65kgs,

AW-AFP435A Automatic X-ray Film Processor for NDT X-ray Film

1. Our automatic film processor made for NDT X-ray film; 2. MCU programm and LCD Display; 3. Film Width: 80-435mm.

FM-435T High Quality Automatic X-ray Film Processor for hospital

Automatic X-ray Film Processor 1.high-temperature film 2.Water Consumption: about 2 liters/min 3.Input Power: 2KW 4.AC220V