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automatic paint mixing color machine Y-30A3

1. Positive and negative rotation 2. Automatic clamping and lose the paint drum 3. LED screen shows the error

Paint Mixing Machine with CE Certificate

1.Used for paints or inks mixing. 2.Automatic mixing, 105,140,180r/min 3.Can:35kg, 70-410mm 4.CE cetificate.

automatic mixer dispenser

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Well Sale Automatic Ink Mixer

1.Well Sale Automatic Ink Mixer. 2.Works for long time no heated. 3.Rated Speed:0-1100 r/min

Automatic NB offset ink mixer with super quality for offset ink

Spot color proofing;95% users in ink industry,90%users in printing&packaging industry;closest to printer

Automatic Mixer,Cosmetic Mixer,Equipment Mixer

Cosmetic Mixer 1.Two Layers,heat preservation 2.Vacuum 3.Customized capacity 4.CE,ISO9001

golden automatic mixer

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Automatic Ekato vacuum emulsifying machine mixer for cream

vacuum emulsifying machine 1.PLC control 2. top homogenizer 3. GMP standard 4.Tilting system

Automatic G360 electric gyroscopic paint mixer/20L paint Gyro mixing machine

electric gyroscopic paint mixer 1integrate circuit control board 2Intelligent Frequency converter 3LCD screen 4. Low price

Durable SMT solder mixing machine / automatic solder paste mixer (220V 180W)

SMT Solder Paste Mixer SUNY-SPM Solder Paste Mixer Solder Paste Mixer Solder Paste Mixing Machine Small Solder Paste Mixer

automatic temperature control brass basin mixer

automatic temperature control brass basin mixer 1.Solid Brass 59% 2.Ni:8um,Cr:0.25um 3.Five-year Gurantee 4.Fast Delivery

Automatic glue mixer JY-30A

1. 720 degree mixing 2. Max 2 hours running time 3. Max 20L 35kg product in drum 4. work time and error indicating LED screen

automatic mixer water

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automatic faucet mixer/mixer automatic

automatic faucet mixer/mixer automatic faucet,chrome plated sensor tap sensor infrared faucet, Integrated style CE/ROHS

Elegant Automatic Market Hot promotion basin mixers tap

Elegant Automatic Market Hot promotion basin mixers tap 1.Self-close, self-powered 2.Temporizing time: 6-12 seconds

Vacuum multi-functional automatic mixer cake mixer

1.Vacuum automatic mixer cake mixer 2.Mix, shear, disperse 3.Frequency control 4.Powerful, effecient 5.ISO9001,ISO14001,CE

Silk screen automatic ink mixer

ink mixer 1.Vertical adjustment prevents the blade from scraping the bottom of the container