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HL 95-1 Automatic cup sealer, milk tea cup sealing machine

HL 95-1 Automatic cup sealer easy operator , low price, long service life...

Semi automatic plastic food container sealer

plastic food container sealer. 1. Used for food trays sealing. 2. Effective and beautiful. 3. Easy to use. 4. ISO certified.

automatic aluminium foil plastic cup sealer

1.Cup washing system 2.Stainless steel body and Al mould 3.High capacity and good performance 4.Photocell controller

automatic plastic cup sealer machine

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plastic cup sealer machine/shanghai automatic cup sealer

automatic cup sealer 1), high speed sealing machine 2), stainless steel construction frame 3),good quali

Automatic Plastic Cup Sealer with LED Display for Bubble Tea, Coffee, Slushies, Drinks R-3100

Rotary type cup filling and sealing machine Suitable for filling paste or liquid Roll film and piece foil all can do Use PLC

automatic plastic cup sealer

for yogurt all kind of dairy products. Capacity: 2000-5500cups/hour (adjustable) Filling volume: 100-450ml(adjustable

Semi automatic 4 output plastic film cup sealer

plastic film cup sealer 1.Simple structure,high efficiency 2.Easy to operate 3.High efficiency,4output 4.Customized cup dia.

plastic cup sealing machine automatic cup sealer

plastic cup sealing machine cup sealerautomatic cup sealing machine 1.easy to operate 2.popular for fast food shop

automatic plastic cup molding machine

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LCD Automatic Plastic Cup sealer

LCD Automatic Plastic Cup sealers Elegant shape,newly design High quality materials,durable enough Easy operate

hot selling automatic plastic cup sealer

plastic cup sealer 1.for various kinds of materials to seal 2.can seal water, frui

Automatic plastic cup sealer

1. Auto cups falling,filing,sealing and dispatching 2. PLC controller by optional 3. Pre-cut lid 4. Special order by customer

Automatic single plastic cup sealer (special customized)

1. For kinds of drink sealing 2. High quality materials 3. Easy operation, low price

automatic PE PVC plastic soybean milk cup sealer

soybean milk cup sealer used to seal the plastic cup seal material:PE,PP,PS,PET

Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine|Automatic Cups Sealing Machine|Automatic Cups Sealer

Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine 1.This machine is high efficiency 2.It is automatic

automatic plastic cup forming machine

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Automatic cup sealer / plastic cup sealing machine (0086-15838060327)

Cup sealer 1.Used for plastic cup seal 2.Suitable for plastic film material 3.7.5cm/9.5cm diameter 4.Speed:400-600cup/hour

High Quality Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine/ Paper Cup Sealer

High efficiency, four cups can be filled at one time automatically, sealed, and trimmed at the same time.

Automatic Plastic Cup Sealer

1.suitable for diverse product specifications 2.suitable for diverse packing material 3.packing speed is so fast (150pcs/min)