automatic tube bending and cutting machine

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2015 Hot Sale, NEW Ultrasonic Automatic Tube Sealer Supplier ,with Date and Batch,CE

Ultrasonic Automatic Tube Sealer 1.High efficiency,15-20pcs in 1m 2.CE approve, Safty and Durable 3.Easy to operate

JEF-60 automatic TUBE sealer

1.High filling and sealing precision 2.Siemens PLC programming control 3.for composite tube 4.Internal heating type

Automatic tube sealers +UPS (L01042)

high-quality sealing precise adjustment works with all kinds of blood bag tubes easy separation of sealed tubes

automatic tube making machine

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GR2OO2 Automatic Tube Sealer

GR2OO2 Tube sealer has sucess entered Cuba Blood Centre Industry, 50 sets have been delivered already.

Automatic ultrasonic tube sealer for cosmetics, toothpaste or food

Ultrasonic tube sealer 1. Ultrasonic seal the edge 2. For plastic tube and laminate tube 3. Perfect effect sealing

Shanghai machinery DGF-40B automatic toothpaste tube sealer

DGF-40B automatic toothpaste tube sealer Accurate filling Advanced technology CE certificate High efficiency