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AggreGate for Serial Device Server Management

Serial Device Server Management software for centralized management of Device Servers located in private LANs behind firewalls.

Teos Scada Software

It controls and supervises field and gives reports and alarms about process in sectors like energy, chemicals, iron and steel et

Scada Process Control System

Our scada-process control system can be applied to new hardware or own brand of hardware to a very i

scada software for remote operation & recording

scada software for remote operation & recording


RSLogix500 PLC Programming Package, RSView32 MMI / SCADA Package etc.

linux automation software

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AggreGate SCADA/HMI Automation software

AggreGate SCADA/HMI is a new-gen SCADA system for industrial and building automation, process control and telemetry.

Temperature Central Mornitoring Software.remote data collection, monitoring and control automation system software.

GSM GPRS 3G TCP IP CMS Remote Central Monitoring System Control the GSM SMS Alarm System GSM SMS Controllers TCP IP monitor

95V-240VAC wireless zigbee free home automation software

95V-240VAC wireless zigbee free home automation software Facotry, manufacturer Taiyito 95V-240VAC,50/60Hz User friendly

online automation software

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Control Wireless Alarm & Home Automation App software

1,USB connect PC operation 2,App on smartphone 3,modify SMS content 4,Anti-False Alarm 5,check SIM card banlance cost

Automation Software

PC Software Development Micro-controller Software Development Small embedded system development C and Assembly language

Super E50 Terminal Automation Software

Super E50 Terminal Automation Software is ideal for medium point-count applications and the I/O can be selected.

home automation software products

home automation software products 1.Operating Humidity:Max 95%RH 2.Color:White 3.Certificate: CE,CCC