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plastic bag sealer,aluminum foil bag sealer

1.plastic bag sealer 2.continous heat sealer 3.aluminum foil sealing machine 4.continous sealing machine 5.small bag sealer

Single chamber plastic bag vacuum sealer

Single chamber vacuum sealer 1)Sealing, printing, cooling 2) Two bag seal in the the same time 3) Machine size: 620x490x950m

PSF-350 aluminum frame Foot Sealer Plastic bag sealer

Can be bonded polyethylene, polypropylene and multi-layer composite plastic, is a new, safe and ideal sealing equipment

Bag Sealer / Film continous sealing machine SF-150

It can seal plastic bag/film of PP,PVC,POF etc in all sizes. It print the date at the time of sealing. Max sealing width: 14mm

foot operated sealing machine

1.foot operated sealing machine 2.for plastic bag 3.suitable for PVC/POF/aluminum foil bag 4.two sides heat sealing

Bag Sealer for Plastic Bag

This Bag Sealer is easy operation, compact construction

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with coding function continuous plastic bag sealer

with coding function continuous plastic bag sealer 1. sealing and coding 2. easy operation 3. energy saving & CE 4. CE

plastic bag sealer machine DBF-900W

plastic bag sealer machine DBF-900W: adopts electronic constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed adjusting mechanism.

tea bag sealer machine

tea bag sealer machine Seal width:6-12mm Seal speed:0-12m/min sealing & printing wide application

Liquid/granule/paste/powder plastic bag automatic sealer

Plastic bag automatic sealer 1.17 years experience 2. PLC control 3.Various bag size 4.For liquid/granule/powder/paste

tea bag sealer wrapping machine

tea bag sealer wrapping machine

Gas-flushing Continuous Band Sealer, Plastic Bag/Film Sealing machine

Plastic Bag/Film Sealing machine 1-Power Supply-110V,220-240V/50-60Hz 2-Power Consumption-750W

packing bag sealer

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continuous sealing machine/plastic bag sealing machine/bag sealer

1.automatic plastic film sealing machine 2.the sealing machine can print production date

plastic bag sealer,heat sealer,impulse sealer

Suitable for sealing plastic bag,plastic film and aluminum-plastic film as well.Max sealing lenght:30cm,CE certificate

continuous bag sealers with date printing

1.stainless steel steel body 2.Easy to operate and maintainess 3.CE approved,manufactory

Vertical inflate potato chips bag sealer

1.Vertical inflatable 2.resistance to pressure 3.good sealing and clear printing 4.unlimited sealing length

FRD900 stainless steel body continuous bag sealer

1.continuous bag sealer 2.CE mark FRD 900 3.Max conveyor loading: 3kgs 4.Easy operation and high capacity

FS Series Manual Heat Plastic Bag sealer

FS Series Impluse sealer is suitable for sealing all kinds of polyethylene and polyproplylene film

portable bag sealer

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XK-1100V Vertical type continuous plastic bag sealer

1. Vertical sealing type 2. Easy operation 3. The date can be printed 4. CE Certification

continuous bag sealer with date printing

1. Used for aluminum foil bags, liquid/ paste kind of bags. 2. Good sealing effect. 3. Easy to operate. 4. Date printing.

FKR-300 Aluminum Foil Bag Sealer,Plastic Bag Sealing Machine YSC

FKR-300 Aluminum Foil Bag Sealer,Plastic Bag Sealing Machine YSC

DZ-600/2E Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer

DZ-600/2E Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer Huge or mega industries like food material, clothing, chemicals, grain, forage,

FR-900I Continuous plastic bag sealer with date printing small business

sealer with date printing 1.electronic thermostatic control 2.automatic continuous sealing, product tabs printing 3.0-12

plastic bag sealer DBF-900LW

suitable for small bags packaging and adopts electronic constant temperature control system and step less speed adjusting transm

small bag sealer

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FR Cheap Stainless Steel Continuous Ink Print plastic Bag Sealer

Ink Print Bag Sealer sealing by heat ink steel wheel print equip with production line cheap and low energy consumption

Manual sealer, continuous sealing machine,plastic bags sealer

. New desinged machine 2. Suit for sealing different material 3. S/S or Painted body 4. Easy operation and high capacity

Continuous bag sealer

This bag sealer can sealing plastic film of various materials and is especially suitable for sealing PP,PE and plastic bags.

bag sealer, bag neck sealer

bag sealer, bag neck sealer 1- metal bag neck sealer 2- used for sealing plastic bags 3- safe and stable

FR-900V Bag Sealer

FR-900V Bag Sealer: FR series continuous film sealing machines finishcontinuous carrying, sealing and printing in one operation