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leader professional silicone sealant supplier/factory

leader professional silicone sealant supplier/factory 1.general purpose 2.strong bonding

Chemical China Suppliers kafuter K-5704B Silicone Rubber Sealant

rubber sealant 1.balck liquid,room cure, silicone sealant 2.seal and pot in electrics components 3.50g/tube

aluminum casting sealant

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PU822 cement ball mill High modulus polyurethane sealant for concrete

1.High modulus and high elasticity 2.Extrudability>80ml/min 3.Elongation at break>600% 4.Excellent expansion and shrinkage

pu foam glue expanding foam sealant

pu foam wheels with plastic rim nitrile rubber foam insulation pipe 1) German Quality 2) Stronger After Cure

Metal tyre inflator professional tire sealant with air compressor 12v/24v

Tire sealant with air compressor 12v/24v: 1) Air compressor for multiple usage. 2) Lightweight, compact designed

PTFE gasket sealing PTFE flange gasket high pressure sealant

PTFE gasket PTFE washer teflon gasket 1.DN15-DN600 molded 2.Thickness:0.5mm-40mm 3.OD <2000mm,ID>2mm can be cut from sheet

Pu Sealant For Windshield Joint High-performance

Excellent adhesive for most common building material Good compability neutral silicone sealants general use silicone sealant

glass based sealant

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sealant for rubber making machine

1.sealant for rubber machine 2.Whole production line 3.Supply technology 4.Professional manufacturer 5.ISO9001,CE

Metallic silicon in Adhesives & Sealants

1 free sample 2 factory supply directly 3 control composition content 4 certificate with CIQ/SGS/ISO

anaerobic threadlocker Compound/Adhesive/Sealant/ball screw

1.General Purpose Threadlocker Adhesive sealant 2.ISO9001,SGS 3. Can be removed by hand tools 4.General purpose for threa

kitchen worktop sealant

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china silicone sealant manufacturer& suppliers two part

rigid pu foam ball application 1. Aproved by TUV ISO 2. Excellent short tack-free 3. Outstanding adhesion

PTFE gasket polytetrafluoroethylene microporous sealant

PTFE gasket PTFE washer teflon gasket 1.DN15-DN600 molded 2.Thickness:0.5mm-40mm 3.OD <2000mm,ID>2mm can be cut from sheet

Expanding Spray Pu Foam Sealant

Excellent noise, vibration and impaction resistant Good damp resistant and anti mildew Paint able, abrasion able OEM/ODM

high quality hot melt adhesive silicone sealant

silicone sealant of sample 2.good fluidity 3.perfect bonding power

ball sealant planetary mixer machine

ball sealant mixer 1.Frequency control 2.Stainless steel 3.Hydraulic lift & press 4.CE