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Wagyu Beef / Meat

wagyu beef wagyu meat natural wagyu beef marbled beef kobe beef


1- No hormones used. 2-. Not fed antibiotics. 3- No animal proteins in feed. 4- Grass fed. All animals in the program have be


We can offer hole cuts, all acordign to your specifications

Frozen Beef Liver

Frozen Beef Liver. 2 x Bags. Packed in Poly Lined Boxes. 12-14 kgs per box

Beef Liver

Beef liver IWP - 2 pieces per carton 12-14kgs per carton Block pack available Some health certificates available

Fresh and Frozen Beef Meat HALAL HMC Approved

Suppliers of Halal Fresh and Frozen Beef Meat with HMC certification. Supply all parts of beef meat.

beef rib eye

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Wagyu Short & Chuck Ribs

Typical of Short and Chuck Ribs from our Wagyu carcases

A Grade Striploin-Froze Beef Meat Austrlian beef Halal beef

A Grade Striploin 1 rib 3.6 kg+IW VAC frozen. Limitd stock. Dec 2014 shipment.

Halal Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts: Beef Livers, Beef Ribs, Beef Neck, Beef Sirloin, Beef Leg, Beef Shin, Beef Head, Beef Brisket, Beef Tongue, Beef Shan

where to buy beef ribs

1. Type: Beef Meat 2. Style: Frozen 3. Feature: Boneless 4. Part: Tenderloin 5. Product Type: Red Meat

beef rib cut

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Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

Real authentic Japanese Wagyu from Japan. Born and raised in Japan. Nose prints will be available upon request.

band saw blade cutting beef ribs

alloy steel saw blade Special Teeth for cutting beef ribs German electron welding Length per customer

Beef ribs

Frozen beef ribs 10kg boxes from our cutting plant. Products are from brisket in IWP

beef ribs types

We provide you the best of your products

BEEF Short Ribs,Rib Eye,Tenderloin Top Blade

Beef Rib eye,Frozen Imported, Short Ribs,Tenderloin,Beef Brisket

Beef Ribs Jacobs Ladders

Fresh Beef meaty rib bones Jacobs ladders style, vac pac with bone guard, pop BBQ fraternity, packed acc to client avail weekly

pork beef ribs

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Halal Frozen Beef Chuck Short Ribs

Halal Frozen Beef Chuck Short Ribs

Frozen Beef chuck short ribs, cube roll, chuck tender, rump, brisket

Frozen Beef Topside Frozen Beef Knuckle Frozen Beef Blade Frozen Beef Chuck Roll Frozen Beef Shin/Shank