grey asphalt shingles

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best asphalt roof shingles/laminated asphalt shingle/fiberglass asphalt shingles

colorful asphalt shingle 1.Overall Lenght:1340*420mm 2.Material:Galvalume (Alu-Zinc) 3.thickness:0.35mm-0.5mm

hexagonal roofing shingles House building material best asphalt roof shingles red asphalt roof shingles

best asphalt roof shingles 1.Lightweight; durable 2.Natural stone chip;galvalume steel 3.ISO 9001:2008,SGS,SONCAP

best asphalt shingles manufacturer

1.Pioneering Excellence 2.Guaranteed for life 3.Beauty& style 4.Diverse& distinct 5.Stone coated roofing tile manufacturer

best asphalt shingle

best asphalt shingle Many colors you can chang The performance of preventing fire and wind are good

best asphalt shingles

best asphalt shingles 1.laminated roof tile 2.more colors for choose for asphalt shingle 3Meet CE and ISO9001:2008

Best asphalt shingle manufacturer with 15-year experience

Best asphalt shingle 1. Rich colors 2. Various shapes 3. Light, durable&environmental 4. Free sample